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an overall industrial chain that integrates feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing.

established in 1998, guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. is a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, at the same time, it is also a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise integrating feed production, pig production, slaughtering and food marketing. as an internet service provider for the pig industry, yangxiang has wide range of businesses which cover feed, breeding pigs, semen, hogs,slaughtering, deep processing and food,  intelligent platforms, intelligent pig farm equipment, and  is committed to providing public with healthy, safe and delicious food.

deeply cooperate with universities and research institutions, implement scientific pig raising

adhering to the concept of "technology changes swine industry", yangxiang, based on the foundation of the development of the pig industry, guided by technology, and driven by innovation, has realized the transformation from traditional stage, scientific stage, digital stage to internet stage in pig raising.

yangxiang has carried out in-depth cooperation with huazhong agricultural university, sun yat-sen university and other domestic and foreign scientific research institutions, focusing on genetics, precise nutrition, production management, biosecurity, and environmental control, slaughter and food processing, artificial intelligence, internet platform and other professional fields to transform technological innovation and achievements into production.

yangxiang takes the lead to summarize the five key elements of low-cost, high-efficiency pig raising: genetics, precise nutrition, environmental control, production management, and biosecurity. 

technologies change swine industry, create core competitiveness

after more than 20 years of development, yangxiang has developed an industrial "chip"-genome selection and matching, customized "individual" nutrition solution-intelligently precise feeding, created multi-floor pig farms and an asf prevention model-iron barrel model.

after more than 20 years of breeding research with focusing on the source gene at the beginning, gene r&d team of yangxiang has now owned a national pig breeding nucleus farm, established a huge genetic pool of improved breeds, broke through international technical barriers, developed a genome breeding value evaluation algorithm and a genome selection algorithm, and established automatic semen sorting platform, realizing the fully independent implementation of efficient genome breeding and precise genome selection, maximizing the potential of genes, increasing breeding efficiency by more than 30% and breeding efficiency by more than 10%.

yangxiang nutrition research center has established a comprehensive system and platform for nutrition research and development: precise raw material testing, precise nutrition requirements, precise formula adjustment, precise production and processing, precise feeding management. through internet, yangxiang realizes intelligent plans, intelligent production, and intelligent formula, intelligent conveying and intelligent feeding from the feed mill to individual pig, the introduction of precision nutrition equipment-precision feeder has realized the transformation from traditional batch feed production to customized and personalized nutrition supply. 

it has been three years since the multi-floor pig farm was put into use and run efficiently. the multi-floor farm is equipped with fpf intelligent management system and intelligent equipment, which connect “facilities, pigs, materials and people” to the internet. intelligent ear tag, precision feeder, heating feeder and backfat meter make pig raising easier, more intelligent and efficient. after more than 3 years of production and operation practice, praised as a preferred model of pig raising in the urban area by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.

amid the normalization of african swine fever, depending on biosecurity protocols accumulated in the past few years, combined with the biosecurity-based design concept of multi-floor pig farm, yangxiang developed a “iron barrel model” combining “external auxiliary prevention and control plus internal structure prevention and control”, successfully protecting more than 80% of the production capacity, laying a solid foundation for safe pig raising in the future. this model has been highly recognized by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs and has become a repopulation model widely promoted throughout the country.

explore industrial internet, break through industrial chain

committed to the mission of "healthy, safe, and delicious", yangxiang, together with industrial scientists and it engineers, has created an industrial model with intelligent multi-floor pig farming as the core, integrating the feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing, and strives to build a high-end intelligent "meat factory". open up the pig industry chain through big data, promote the collection of accurate data in the whole industry chain, establish the whole process traceability system, realize the traceability of pork product source and distribution, inquiry of information and recall of product, which truly realizes the efficient supervision of food safety from production to consumption, traceability of the whole process, and reliable consumption.

only the enterprises that constantly create value for the society can go further, we don’t pursue to be the largest company, but to be more stable and stronger. in this era full of changes, yang xiang is determined to stick to the mission of "healthy, safe and delicious" and make every effort to make china a powerful pig farming country! 

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