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yangxiang won the title of 2020 annual innovation enterprise of multi-floor pig farm
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the 2020 (10th) china’s summit on agriculture and animal husbandry and   china’s first summit on breeding pigs was held in guangzhou on december 11. through evaluation of both online voting and expert review, yangxiang won the title of 2020 annual innovation enterprise of multi-floor pig farm at the award ceremony of china’s billboard on agriculture and animal husbandry.

according to the award words, pig farming seems plain but the fact is that there are so many techniques inside. the transformation of the farming model can change the whole pig industry. yangxiang’s “iron barrel” asf prevention model and multi-floor pig farm went viral online and attracted more and more attention from people who work in the pig industry since being reported by cctv several times. although yangxiang is not the earliest company to develop multi-floor pig farm, it makes great contribution to the promotion and popularization of multi-floor pig farm.

over years of development, yangxiang has now developed into a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise integrating feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing. in recent years, yangxiang makes rapid development in the fields of feed, breeding pigs, hogs, semen, slaughterhouse, deep processing and food. yangxiang also makes great efforts to develop its intelligent platform and smart equipment. in 2019, yangxiang’s multi-floor sow farm and board stud effectively prevented asf and saved a large amount of high quality breeding pigs.

since put into use in 2017, yangxiang's intelligent multi-floor pig farm has been in stable and efficient operation for more than 3 years, a practical proof of its safety and reliability. as a result, it became the primarily recommended model for pig farming in the urban area by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs. yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farms went into the public’s eye and became a highlight in the pig industry after being reported by cctv in 2019 and 2020.

yangxiang’s intelligent multi-floor pig farm was rated as model in the 2020 summit on digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry, providing reference for transformation to digital and intelligent farm and high quality development of pig industry.

following the trend of times, yangxiang is making full efforts to build a whole industry chain of pig industry that integrates feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing. while realizing the industrial value-added, realizing the visualization and traceability of live pig production, and finally providing the public with healthy, safe and delicious pork! 

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