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yangxiang titled as 2020 china 100 most innovative companies
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recently, 2020 brand power economic forum  and (4th) innovation achievement release conference was held in beijing. in this conference, guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.(yangxiang) was awarded the title of 2020 china 100 most innovative companies. meanwhile, mrs. mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang, was rated as 2020 innovative china (industry) ten people of the year.

2020 china 100 most innovative companies

2020 innovative china (industry) ten people of the year

scientific and technological innovation is the key and core of brand building. first, we should have innovation strategy, goal and specific research direction; second, we should carry out cooperate among industry, university and research institute to realize effective innovation and accelerate the transformation of achievements; third, we should speed up talents construction and establish a good environment for independent innovation. 

in terms of scientific and technological innovation and industry-university-research cooperation, yangxiang adheres to the concept of "technologies change swine industry", focus on building its own innovation and creativity, carries out in-depth cooperation with huazhong agricultural university, sun yat-sen university, china agricultural university and foreign scientific research institutions, continuously promotes the transformation of scientific research achievements in pig production, and sums up five key elements of scientific pig rearing: genetic, precision nutrition, environment control, production management, and bio-security. besides, yangxiang innovatively designed and built clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farm that was put into operation in 2017 and has been operating stably and efficiently for more than 3 years, providing a mature experience reference for exploring and developing multi-floor rearing mode with chinese characteristics.

in terms of talent construction, chairman mo attaches great importance to the scientific and technological innovation and talent construction of the company, and is committed to the r & d, application and promotion of the company’s modern system, talent training and information technology. she founded yangxiang university and trained a large number of innovative talents, which not only laid a solid talent foundation for the company’s development, but also made a contribution to solving the problem of talent shortage in agriculture and animal husbandry.

today, yangxiang has cultivated excellent talent teams in the fields of genetics, precision nutrition, production management, bio-security, environment control, industrial internet, food and other fields, with more than 30 professors and doctors, more than 300 masters, more than 20 international experts and more than 10 it experts.

(mrs. mo jinzhi, chairman of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.

under the leadership of chairman mo jinzhi and other company leaders, in the future, yangxiang will continue to vigorously promote the industry-university-research cooperation and talent construction, make full use of internet technology, and make full efforts to build a whole industry chain that integrates feed production, pig production, slaughterhouse and food marketing, promote the industry upgrading, and do everything possible for china to become a powerful country at pig rearing!

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