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yangxiang staff move to front line against asf! the answer is on the spot.
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asfv has been colonized in china, causing a large area of pollution. new and old viruses are rampant. what should come will definitely come again. the situation is far more complicated than we thought, so it is not yet time for us to relax. facing the new situation, yangxiang staff once again play the iron army spirit of "ready to assemble at the first call and capable of fighting ", comply with the arrangement, go to the front line, control asf to protect pigs, carry out the highest requirements and standards of prevention and control work, and constantly upgrade the structural system, so as to build stronger "iron barrel" farms and leave no opportunity for virus!

"if there is no skin, how can the hair be attached?" as an enterprise dedicated to serving pigs rearing, since 2019, yangxiang has been implementing the highest requirements of bio-security prevention and control in feed, semen, and breeding pigs to ensure product safety. yangxiang's feed factories have been strict with vehicles cleaning and disinfection, even in the peak period of feed transporting, sometimes you can see that drivers need to wait in queue patiently; super semen is self-produced and self-used, and can hold the test. in 2020, super still insists on releasing semen test reports daily on wechat official account, which users can check at any time; under the ultra-high intensity bio-security prevention and control with "iron barrel ", the production safety of yangxiang breeding pigs is more guaranteed.

yangxiang has been carrying out asf control upon the outbreak! from the release of the yangxiang asf control specification to the training about asf control and farm repopulation organized with huazhong agricultural university, to the establishment of yangxiang pig rearing service centers in the north and south of china this year, yangxiang continues to explore and innovate so as to quickly and effectively output its abilities to fight the epidemic upon the needs of industry. it is worth mentioning that prevalence of covid-19 in 2020 makes offline activities difficult to carry out, yangxiang quickly establishes online knowledge service platform to share latest experience and methods of asf prevention and control.

“it takes a good blacksmith to make good steel”. yangxiang’s high requirements and standards at asf control is not only to survive, but also based on the concept of serving pigs rearing. after strengthening "internal skills", yangxiang enables the ability to empower the industry and help peers come through difficulties in the face of unpredictable challenges in the future!

in the past year of 2020, yangxiang continuously upgraded "iron barrel" prevention and control, carried out regular inspection, organized asf knowledge training within farms, and formulated bio-security system assessment.

heavy snow, muddy roads, cold winds...no matter how hard the external environment is, they can't resist yangxiang's footsteps towards defeating asf. today, we have bid farewell to 2020, and we may be heading towards 2021, which is full of greater tests. it is not easy for us to get where we are on the road to defeat asf, and we still need all our staff to stick to the achievements. at the beginning of 2021, many yangxiang "soldiers" have gone to the front line to implement asf inspection.

in order to control asf and reserve pigs, we used to build lots of “iron walls” at the front line through rain and wind, will the situation be more difficult today?

in order to win the final victory against asf, output more energy to the industry, and realize our greater dreams, let's take action. go to the front line, because the answer is always on the spot!

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