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forge ahead with determination, run with dream ——new year wishes from chairman of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd
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with the natural rhythm, the earth returns to spring, all things begin to glow with new brilliance.
on the occasion of new year’s day, on behalf of the board of directors of yangxiang, i would like to extend my sincere greetings and best wishes to all colleagues and employees who are working hard, and to all leaders, shareholders, family members of employees and colleagues from all walks of life who care about and support the development of the company! 

2020 is a special year. the shadow of covid-19 has not gone far. the world is facing unprecedented uncertainties and frictions. the pig industry is still experiencing the test of asf, which further puts forward higher requirements on the ability of the pig farmers to survive.

yangxiang has always been a company with dreams, dreaming of making some contribution to pig industry; dreaming of moving pig farms to the internet to realize efficient pig rearing and a happy life; dreaming of opening up the entire industry chain from farm to table to provide the public with healthy, safe and delicious food; dreaming of providing staff a platform for development to make their work and life more meaningful; dreaming of helping pig farmers return to normal production, and become a responsible company...

dash ahead to what one yearns regardless of hard conditions.

facing the prevalence of asf, covid-19 and the trend of industrial development in 2020, yangxiang will not forget its original intention and take the dream as the horse: quickly build online knowledge service platform, continuously export scientific pig rearing system to empower pig industry; continuously explore industrial interconnection, online fpf intelligent production system, and move pig farms to the internet to make pig rearing more intelligent and efficient; explore and practice new industrial mode to realize the whole industry chain of pig industry integrating "feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing", providing healthy, safe, delicious and convenient food for the public;

in 2020, with the joint efforts of all yangxiang staff, we seize the opportunity and reap a bumper harvest year: company’s business has achieved rapid development, and profit has reached a record high; yangxiang continues to empower the pig industry, provide high-quality breeding pigs and semen, build "iron barrel" pig farms in whole country and establish pig service centers to help pig industry return to normal production; yangxiang also actively carries out platform construction, recruits talents, expands the talent team, and creates a broader growth and development platform for talents; yangxiang is given the title as "guangxi talent highland specified in intelligent pig rearing with internet" by guangxi zhuang autonomous region, and has continued to deepen the "industry-university-research" in-depth cooperation with a number of universities to jointly promote industrial upgrading.

maybe 2020 is just a short segment in the long river of time if we look back. the future is always full of uncertainty. in the process of chasing dreams, we will continue to encounter new difficulties and challenges. just like outbreak of covid-19 at the beginning of 2020, it has prompted us to make some difficult or painful changes, but also let us witness the greatness of human nature, the strength of persistence, and the meaning of struggle.

all the past confusion and setbacks, achievements and gains are worth reflecting and cherishing, but more importantly, how can we lay our own coordinates in the future, fight against uncertainty and gain strength!

there is no mountain higher than people, no road longer than feet. walk forward with dreams, life is endless, and struggle is endless.

splendid results have been achieved last year, and greater progress should be made in the new year. hereby, i would like to express my gratitude to all employees who have worked hard for the development of our company! pay tribute to the colleagues who have contributed to the development of pig industry! best wishes to pig industry entering the new era!

finally, i wish you all good health and all the best! yangxiang's career will compose a new chapter and create new splendor! may our great motherland progress with each passing day and become prosperous!
mrs. mo jinzhi

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