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yangxiang actively donates protective materials to support liaoning province fighting covid-19
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a short time ago, affected by the cold wave weather, liaoning province ushered in the coldest period of this winter. the air temperature in many places fell below - 20 , and the lowest temperature in some areas fell to - 28 !

in the severe cold weather, in order to further increase the screening of novel coronavirus pneumonia, shenyang city, liaoning province, is currently organizing citywide nucleic acid testing of all in an orderly manner. under tight time and heavy task, work intensity and pressure of frontline epidemic prevention personnel can be imagined.

in order to contribute to the fight against covid-19, northern branch of yangxiang company(north yangxiang) actively fulfilled its corporate responsibilities and provided support to front line workers by donating protective clothing, shoe covers, masks, disposable gloves, hats, and cotton-padded overcoat to some local towns.

for the medical staff who have worked all day, being able to eat a hot meal in time is the greatest comfort and satisfaction in the cold weather. considering that working meal would get cold after long distance of delivery, north yangxiang provided free working meals to front line medical workers at neighboring towns with a total of 400 hot meals sent.

together with delicious meals, north yangxiang also supported hot soup, fruit, and yogurt so that medical workers can replenish energy in time after finishing their tiring work.

it's not the first time that north yangxiang did such heart-warming activities in winter. in the process of covid-19 prevention and control work at the beginning of 2020, north yangxiang's colleagues also braved the severe cold weather of - 20 to travel among neighboring township governments to send them protective materials ,such as protective clothing, masks, alcohol, cotton padded overcoat, and gloves. the corporate responsibility has been widely recognized by the society.

viruses have no mercy, but yangxiang does. the prevention and control of covid-19 still has a long way to go. yangxiang will actively shoulder its responsibilities and work hard with all chinese compatriots to win the battle and wait for spring coming.

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