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fully affirm the earnest hope -- -lu xinshe secretary of the party committee of the autonomous regi
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on may 3, lu xinshe, secretary of the party committee of the autonomous region, went to yangxiang company to investigate and give full affirmation to the achievements of yangxiang company and put forward earnest hopes. accompanied by liu jun, director of the agriculture department of the autonomous region, li xinyuan, secretary of the municipal party committee of guigang, mayor nong rong and yang yajun, secretary of the south district committee of the port, etc. yang xiang company chairman huang dingshou, party secretary gao yuanfei, vice chairman he bing, vice party secretary wei meng and doctors in yang xiang headquarters and make on-site introduction.



secretary lu visited yang xiangshi exhibition area

in guigang jiangnan industrial park yang xiang real exhibition company headquarters, yang xiang company chairman huang dingshou scene to feed, pig, pig equipment, report to the secretary of the deer a line the yang xiang company in the business, ecological cultivation, scientific and technological innovation, talent, rural revitalization and precisely help farmers' income, poverty relief, etc. lu secretary in the process of visiting and listening to the introduction, from time to time ask about yangxiang's position in the industry, scientific and technological innovation ability and effectiveness, and attract high-end talents to join yangxiang measures and other details.

in the lobby on the second floor of the headquarters of yangxiang company, secretary lu and his party watched the video introduction of yangxiang company and the agricultural situation of gugang city, and then visited and inspected the party construction and talent situation of yangxiang company.


after the group took a group photo with the leaders, professors and doctors of yangxiang company, secretary lu gave full recognition to the achievements of yangxiang company in many aspects.


secretary lu and his party visited yangxiang party building

"after seeing yangxiang enterprise, i was very impressed," he said. the first thing that impresses me is that yangxiang company attaches great importance to scientific research and makes practical use of science and technology. your intelligent breeding equipment and ecological breeding concept are worth learning, and your proposal of "technology changes the pig industry" has certain confidence. although the current output value is small, you continue to maintain the current upward momentum, with a strong focus on science and technology, r & d, pay attention to talent support, i believe your proposed nine-year target will be achieved;

second, i am deeply impressed by the fact that your enterprises attach great importance to social responsibility. agricultural companies have made use of the good policies of the central government and the good environment to strengthen themselves. we have not forgotten that we are poor people. we cannot develop modern agriculture without leading enterprises. your model is very good. guangxi still has a large number of poverty-stricken people. we hope that the party committees at all levels will make efforts and that you will further support us in fulfilling our social responsibility.

enterprise very pay attention to you this is the third party, as a private enterprise party construction is very rare, so pay attention to the party construction and enterprise development are closely combined, actually i believe you have tasted blood on by the party, gathered the enterprise backbone, good party members play an exemplary role driving the development of enterprises, branch battle fortress play a good role, implement the party's policies on the one hand, on the other hand calls business. the difficulty place of the enterprise, assault task, overcome difficulty, give party member party branch, party member, party branch has done an enterprise to develop.


lu secretary of the party and yang xiang leadership group photo

deer, secretary of the affirmation and encouragement, give great encouragement, yang xiang company huang dingshou, said yang xiang company will keep in mind that the guidance of the secretary of the deer, the party committees and governments at all levels in the autonomous region and, under the concern and support of yang xiang company will be in the country on the revitalization of industry and poverty alleviation efforts, rely on scientific and technological innovation, develop enterprise and stable lead more farmers getting rich, full of confidence to super billions of target.

photography is by zhang zhirong

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