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june yangxiang: love for students and warm childern heart -- yangxiang shares went to primary schoo
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caring for poor children is fundamental. recently, the leaders of yangxiang agricultural and animal husbandry, yajishan agricultural and animal husbandry, xiubo company, ruikang and yajishan forestry company of yangxiang share pig raising business department carried out sympathy activities for poor children to daqing primary school, fenshui primary school, jinzhou primary school, wanfu primary school, liuba primary school and other places.

the condolence group sent greetings and gifts to the children and extended sincere greetings to the teachers for their hard work. the leaders asked the children in detail about their study, life and family, encourage them to study hard, set up lofty aspirations and lofty ideals, grow up to be a useful person to the hometown, the motherland, the people. finally, the comfort group gave the children consolation money, hoping to help them in their life and study.

after the sympathy, the school expressed its gratitude for the company's sympathy activities. children are the future of our country and nation. it is incumbent upon enterprises to care about and help children grow up. yang xiang practices his social responsibility with practical actions. he always cares about the flowers of the motherland. he often holds various activities to help poor children, hoping to provide them with some help.


the condolence group sent condolence gifts to poor students in daqing primary school


a student of zhusha primary school wears a young pioneer red scarf to greet the staff


guping primary school left-behind children received condolences after the gift innocent bright smile


condolence group to send condolences

after the sympathy, the school felt very warm to the company's behavior of sending blessings to the school, indicating that with the concern of the enterprise, these students will be able to grow up healthily and happily. when the children show a smile of innocence, but also affirmed the importance of social care for the growth of poor students. children are the future of the country and people, care for and help children to grow up is related to national future and hope, is related to the progress and development of the society, by sympathy, came to school for poor students to give some help, to make them feel yang xiang company for their concern and care, feel the warmth of the social this big family.


a group photo with love and sympathy

since then, yangxiang company has been enthusiastic about public welfare undertakings and concerned about the growth of poor children. i believe that under the promotion of the company's corporate culture, yangxiang will use practical actions to practice social responsibility and contribute to social love!

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