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'competition among the males, who is the main basketball' -- fierce battle of the "xinfeng cup" bas
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on may 19, the "xinfeng cup" basketball competition of northern district of yangxiang stock pig business division was kicked off in xinmin experimental middle school gymnasium. the pig division of the northern region of companies, farms and business lines actively participate in the formation of four groups of strong teams. they are respectively "jintai new peak team", "pork brave team", new peak and xiubo composed of "rookie united" and the regional office and business line composed of "pig team".

north division president of the pig division, general manager sun delivered a speech for the competition. sun always said that sports make people healthy, happy and wise. i hope that we pay attention to sports in our daily work and life. on the one hand, this activity strengthens and promotes the exchanges between various fields and various parts to strengthen physical fitness. at the same time, i wish xinfeng farm a smooth entry into pig production. finally, general manager sun wishes the competition a complete success and all teams can achieve excellent results.



the game officially opened, after the draw against each other, the morning is "pig team vs pork brave team" and "jin tai new peak team vs rookie united". the scene of the game is full of passion and climax. the athletes of each team stare and fight courageously. you are neck and neck with me in the score. watching the game cheerleading waves of cheering shouting, see is thrilling.


afternoon final showdown, the competition is extremely intense. finally, after the competition, jintai xinfeng team won the championship, pork brave team won the runner-up, pig team and rookie united team won the third and fourth place.


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