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life is not only the price of pigs, and gas volleyball and friendship ah! the
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yang xiang health home activities have a new trend!
this time,
not a fun little activity,
not a mouth-watering food fight,
it is a high-octane high-octane volleyball match!
this activity brings together the sports elites of major business sectors of the company.
staged a fantastic gas volleyball drama!
small make up of poor language, unable to express one or two of the scene atmosphere,
high chart warning ahead
please sit tight and hold on


manly and spirited
all the competing teams are rubbing their hands
ready to go big



there are all kinds of flying scene!
what? can't get enough of it?
okay, big picture!


have you unlocked any new positions?
anyway small make up saw also smiled ten times just.

in the heat of the game,
outside the game is also wonderful.


after a lot of competition,
happy team wins ultimate victory!

look at them laughing!
the other teams said, i'm so angry!
not really!
look at this intimate photo!


yang xiang family photo

although the market is not ideal,
but we are all fairies/princes who love life!
life is more than the price of pigs,
and gas volleyball and friendship pinch!
yang xiang people to the spirit of god to my dear ones!

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