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yang xiang blind date, know about it?
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young employees is the fresh blood of the enterprise, is the backbone of enterprise development in the future, in order to give young employees to provide a better platform for the interaction, on july 22, yang xiang pig group and self in yang xiang kang (your port) co., ltd. headquarters hosted the theme of "young love trip, he long" youth fellowship activities, the scene atmosphere was very warm.


sign in the scene

the event, a total of more than 80 young employees involved on both sides, in order to promote cultural exchanges between enterprises, yang xiang co workers led self kang's staff to visit the company, enhance the self health of employees by means of interpretation of the yang xiang, the scene feeling yang xiang "family culture" : one gate into yang xiang fraternal sticking we endeavour to share is a family, a hold yang xiang hand cooperation sincerity and win-win mutual benefit we are friends forever.


salcom employees are visiting yangxiang company culture

in addition, in order to make communication activity can be held smoothly. the staff made sufficient preparation work, through the arrangement of relevant sites, design interactive game and prepare related items, etc., make the whole social activities of the interactive, interesting, among them, the most exciting part of the game, see below watching the activities of the scene.


game preheating

before the game started, the young staff of yangxiang started to warm up the stage by singing a song "yangxiang welcomes you", which showed the good spirit of yangxiang as the organizer of this activity. after singing a song, it won the warm applause of the whole audience, and everyone began to let go of themselves and integrate into the activity.


yangxiang staff sang "welcome to yangxiang"

"straw passing, 'blind and lame', apples... "everyone" showed their skills in interesting game links, which not only gained fun, but more importantly, employees of both sides experienced the happiness brought by win-win situation through cooperation.




game loop

with the joint efforts and tacit understanding of both sides, this fellowship activity has achieved a successful conclusion, which is the beginning of the friendship between yangxiang shares and selcon. at the same time, yangxiang will continue to welcome more like-minded colleagues to communicate with us in an inclusive and open manner, so as to seek a better future for the company.


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