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what is a team? here's the answer.
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on 15th, yangxiang headquarter organized employees to participate in a special quality development activity, aiming at further shaping the company's team culture, enhancing employees' sense of team integration and collective sense of belonging. employees who participated in the activity were enthusiastic and helped each other on the activity site, showing a good spirit.

          the main content of the day's activities include the following: "flag event", crossing the line of fire, supporting the front line, team defense and attack arrows, babel... the activity is carried out based on the original intention of training employees' sense of teamwork. different projects aim at training employees' different abilities. although the activity requires a lot of physical energy, everyone insists on integrating into the organization, completing each project and contributing their own strength to achieve the common goal.


"crossing the line of fire"

it is worth mentioning that an employee accidentally sprained his foot in the process of the activity, but after the simple treatment, he still continued to participate in the projects within his power, which showed his strong willpower and set a good example for everyone on the scene.

through one day's activities, employees not only exercise their physical fitness, but more importantly, their sense of teamwork has been improved, which is of positive significance to their future work and life.


"support the front line"


tower of babel

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