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beihai anwei office went to guigang ruikang feed co., ltd for on-site cross-inspection
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on july 12, zhou weihong, deputy director general of beihai safety supervision bureau and his delegation went to guigang ruikang feed co., ltd. to supervise the on-site limited space operation and dust prevention and explosion protection work in dust-related places


the inspection team carefully listened to ruikang's safety management work, carefully read the site of all kinds of accounts, the company can be in accordance with the requirements of the safety standard system to carry out work, adopt closed-loop management and other ways to express recognition and appreciation. at the same time, they put forward some improvement suggestions for the existing problems of ruikang.

subsequently, the inspection team inspected the second workshop of production and the premix plant. on the production site, the inspection team put forward problems such as insufficient number of safety labels, unreasonable dust cleaning system formulation, etc., and placed high hopes on ruikang to continue to carry out dustproof and explosion-proof work and limited space management.


inspection group one line points out, safe production is above all, modern enterprise wants to seek new development, must want to change an idea, establish safe production consciousness, do a good job in safe production measure solidly. next, guigang ruikang feed co., ltd. will strengthen learning in accordance with the problems and suggestions pointed out by the inspection team, and constantly improve the law enforcement of production safety.

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