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zhumadian yangxiang held skill competition activities to temper the talent team
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after two months of fierce competition, zhumadian yangxiang feed co., ltd. 's production department achieved a complete success in 2018 annual skill competition.


skill match military mobilization


skill big match writing test and practice

this skill contest was divided into 8 groups: central control, granulation expansion, finished product packaging, manual feeding and batching, forklift truck, raw material unloading and finished product loading. more than 40 production staff participated in the written test and practical operation, and a total of 8 skilled workers were produced. at the following work summary meeting, leaders of the company awarded certificates and bonuses to outstanding employees and teams, such as service stars, skilled workers, efficiency and cost reduction.


talent is the source power of enterprise development. zhumadian yangxiang explored excellent post talents through skill competition, and took this opportunity to create a good atmosphere of "learning to catch up with others" in the company, so as to lay a solid foundation for continuing to carry out "improve service special activities", improve the ability of production and supply security, and improve production efficiency.

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