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yangxiang super officially released a new product----60ml bagged semen!
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on may 17, "yangxiang safe and high-efficiency pig raising overall solution and super gene new product (60ml bagged semen) launch conference" was successfully held in nanchang, jiangxi. this meeting was organized by guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. and guangxi guigang super gene technology co., ltd., and was strongly supported by jiangxi pig industry association. dr. li jialian, chairman of super gene, and mr. shi guangxiao, general manager of super gene, gave special reports from different dimensions, in-depth analysis and discussion of the industry development status and situation, and the best plan for stable operation and development of pig farms.

1. exploration and practice of inclusive breeding model under the new situation of pig raising——li jialian


dr. li jialian, chairman of super gene, pointed out that the current situation of china's pig breeding has spawned the inclusive breeding mode, which mainly includes the following aspects: china's pig industry is in a period of rapid growth; safety is the lifeline of pig farm; high efficiency is the "engine" of pig farm development; sustainable development is the foundation of pig farm management.

yangxiang super summed up the following characteristics in the exploration and practice of inclusive breeding mode: breeding boar and sow are raised separately; construction of high standard boar stud; sows can get out of farm only, but not in. inclusive breeding has the following advantages: security; stable and sustainable genetic progress; the cost of breeding is low.

under the inclusive breeding mode, yangxiang also provided male parent and female parent solutions for breeding farms. for male parents, super boar stud took multiple measures to ensure the safety of semen and efficient production management of pig farms, used genome selection breeding technology to improve breeding efficiency, and further improved its gene service ability through the implementation of high-quality low-density insemination and efficient use of excellent genes.

2. 60ml bagged semen will greatly improve the overall genetic performance of pigs -- mr. shi guangxiao


mr. shi guangxiao pointed out in his theme report "super semen quality leading solution and 60ml new product release" that at present, the development of high-quality semen in china is facing the problems of difficult boar cultivation, low utilization rate of semen and low input-output ratio of semen. in order to better meet the demand of pig semen in pig farms and further improve the utilization rate of boar semen, super gene officially launched a new product of 60ml bagged semen, which will enable super's excellent boar gene to serve more sow farms and greatly improve the overall genetic performance of customer farms.

"as of april 2021, 50000 sows have stably used the 60ml new product for breeding, which has been recognized by the majority of farms," shi guangxiao said. after more than a year of experimental comparison, the 60ml new product has been verified in the market, which is the embodiment of super gene’s technology, productivity and competitiveness.

"high-standard low-density insemination is not only a concept of high-efficiency production, but also a capacity of high-efficiency pig raising. the 60ml new product not only does not affect the reproductive performance of pigs, but also plays a positive role in promoting the improvement of production indicators of pig farms," mr. shi guangxiao said.

how does super semen lead the quality?

mr. shi guangxiao gave a detailed introduction from six aspects including breeding, bio-security,  environment, production, logistics and distribution, and production capacity, etc., sustainable protection of quality boar, high-standard bio-security, suitable raising environment, and high-quality semen production, high-quality distribution and guaranteed supply capacity are the strong support for super semen to achieve “excellence”.

at present, super gene has four boar studs in the north and south, and yuzhou boar stud, a large boar station in central china, will be put into operation soon. the stable semen supply capacity will be further enhanced, and the logistics distribution network will be more perfect.

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