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mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang: create the ability to repay the society by technology
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recently, mrs. mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang, accepted an interview with people's daily online and gave a detailed introduction to the company's fulfillment of social responsibility and technological pig raising capabilities.


first. fulfilling social responsibilities must be "put into practical action"


"stay in society, repay the society" is the concept of yangxiang’s business development. "from establishment to development, yangxiang has grown up with the support of cpc and the government and the care of the society. therefore, yangxiang also actively participates in various public service activities to give back to the society", said chairman mo.


over the years, yangxiang has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities in various ways:


1. "rich farmers with pigs to help alleviate poverty"

vigorously promote the "project 1-10000" targeted poverty alleviation raising community model based on "company cooperative poor households", and provide technical, piglets, feed and other support to help farmers increase their incomes;


2. donate money for education

carry out the "yangxiang donation of education and poverty alleviation campaign" to help students in difficulties realize their college dreams;


3. enthusiastic for charity

guangxi yangxiang charity foundation(gycf) was established to help employees and their families in difficulties, and socially disadvantaged groups, etc. gycf initiated the "daily giving" activity, and at least one donation was made every day; on the other hand ,in poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, yangxiang did its best. on march 26, guigang municipal party committee and government initiated the "thousands of enterprises unite thousands of villages and build new countryside together" activity, yangxiang donated 25 million yuan to help rural revitalization.


the reason why yangxiang is unswerving and able to give back to the society lies in the company's continuous use of science and technology to build its own scientific pig raising capabilities and has achieved good results.


second. improve pig productivity by technology

"yangxiang is indeed a company that pays great attention to improving productivity through technology in chinese pig raising companies. this is the evaluation given by many colleagues and government leaders after they came to yangxiang for exchanges", chairman mo mentioned at the interview.


(yangxiang intelligent multi-floor pig farm)


yangxiang firmly believes that “technologies change swine industry”. “although many people think that the pig industry is a traditional industry, there are still many improvements to be made in this industry. it requires the use of science and technology to improve efficiency and reduce costs. "chairman mo added.


(on the left is yangxiang's intelligent pig raising equipment, and on the right is genetic research and development)


"now we have reached the stage of the industrial internet, and we are upgrading the industry through data platforms and digitization, which requires a lot of smart devices to realize data collection and data application management. therefore, we have developed smart hardware devices. in terms of breeding, intelligent devices have been applied to manage more than 100000 sows. move pigs raising onto the internet and liberate people's hands and brain. at present, application of science and technology has indeed improved yang xiang's pig raising efficiency. " chairman mo stressed.


(schematic diagram of yangxiang's industrial integration cluster of "feed production, pig production, slaughtering and food marketing")


technologies change swine industry, and there is a long way to go; on the way to fulfill social responsibilities, we will never stop.


yangxiang will continue to use its own scientific and technological strength formed in the practice of pig raising to create an industrial model integrated " feed production, pig production, slaughtering and food marketing ", promote high-quality industrial development, and create more value for social and economic development!  


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