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shi liang: the competitiveness of future pig farming industry is all about food
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the epidemic has brought unprecedented challenges and changes to the pig industry. in particular, driven by the policy of "live pigs transportation" to "meat transportation", large pig companies have taken advantage of the trend to extend the industrial chain downstream and further expand the space for development. so where will the pig industry develop in the future? why yang xiang proposed the industrial internet model of integrating "materials, pig farming, slaughterhouse, and food marketing"? let's take a look at the interview with shi liang, the ceo of yangxiang co., ltd. by a journalist from people's daily online.

reporter: what’s the background for yangxiang to propose the model of integrating "materials, pig farming, slaughterhouse, and food marketing"?

shi liang: it can date back to the background of pig farming industry

1) the pig industry has been greatly affected by african swine fever in recent years, and there is an urgent to establish a complete industrial chain;

2) with the progress and development of the industry, the pig industry will become a "living" manufacturing industry in the future, and in the entire industrial chain, it is difficult for the manufacturing end to enhance the industrial value;

3) the country is gradually increasing its efforts in building a food safety and traceable chain. for companies, they must also assume corresponding social responsibilities for future food safety. at present, the upstream and downstream of china's pig industry chain are completely isolated. so the future competition must be on the food side, and it depends on who does better and better.

(shi liang is interviewed by journalist from people's daily online)

journalist: yangxiang insists on the concept of technologies change pig industry, can you tell us something about the industrial model of integrating "materials, pig farming, slaughterhouse, and food marketing" which is proposed in recent years by yangxiang.

shi liang: first of all, yangxiang integrates most of the links such as feed production and pig breeding for "integrated" operations in a certain area. the biggest advantage of this model is that in the fully closed operation mode of the industrial park, the use of industrial internet technology can provide safe, reliable, and traceable high-end pork food to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

(intelligent and iron- barrel style multi-floor pig farm of yangxiang)

journalist: what does yangxiang do to achieve this goal?

shi liang: first of all, yangxiang has developed a lot of intelligent platforms and equipment corresponding to each link of the industrial chain. currently, these equipment has been put into operation inside the company; in addition, the company’s "integrated" projects have been implemented one after another, and the innovation of the industrial model has facilitate pig farming in the urban area. we have conducted a large number of design demonstrations in environmental protection, biosecurity and other aspects to ensure that the integration of the industrial chain in the city is truly realized, so that people can eat assured food that can be traced back to the production process.

(intelligent equipment running in yangxiang’s pig farm)

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