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through thick and thin, thank you: yang xiang old staff together, the mid-autumn festival!
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mid-autumn festival arrived, each young associate received the gift that the company distributes in succession?
xiaobian is no exception, the hand of the mid-autumn festival gifts are quite warm.
however, yesterday, also happened a small make up of special moving things. it's about yang xiang's grateful employees. as a member of yangxiang, my heart is warm.
huh? what good things do you think yangxiang has for employees?
you think i'm going to say three super luxury free buffet meals a day?


oh, no, i put the wrong picture. this is a small dinner party occasionally held by my friends in the company
below is the buffet --


or the dormitory that two rooms one hall one hutch one wei north and south is connected fully exceed comfortable big room?




or a super gym with all the facilities and first-class hardware?



no, no, no. these are just the tip of the iceberg.
as yangxiang people, there is another grand occasion every year: the condolence activity exclusively for the old staff of yangxiang!
this is not, the mid-autumn festival, yang xiang old staff gathered together, drink meat mid-autumn festival, good not zai!


september 22, as usual, the company retired old employees have arrived at the company, and for a long time did not meet the old partner to meet, chat, see the current development of the company, the air is filled with warm flavor.

later, the company leaders offered flowers to the old employees who had contributed to yangxiang.


if you can't finish the conversation


endless love


the leader presented flowers to the old staff

at noon, all over 10 years old employees get together to taste the skills of chef yang xiang. company leaders in turn for the old staff to hand over the festival red envelopes, a total of mid-autumn festival.


company leader's speech


the annual meeting of condolence for senior staff of yangxiang will be held twice a year, which is a special welfare set up by yangxiang company to thank the senior staff of more than 10 years for their contributions and efforts to the development of the company.


company leaders give out red envelopes

yang xiang into the door to forge ahead through mutual aid sharing is not abandoned is a family, a hold yang xiang hand cooperation integrity mutual benefit and mutual benefit will always be friends. in yangxiang, the place that is cared for by all sorts of much do not want do not want, monkey sai lei yo!

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