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good news! yang xiang received another award, in addition to the medal·····
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today is a good day, the heart has a little excited, why! ? because we got another award!


      on september 13, the "china dream · brand dream" 2018 third animal husbandry excellent brand selection award ceremony was held in shanghai. in this award ceremony, yangxiang patiently studied in the professional field in the spirit of "craftsmanship", carefully polished the products, and served the market with excellent products, and was awarded the "top ten craftsmanship feed brands".


     in the future, yangxiang will continue to continue to "craftsman spirit" grinding, excellence, farmers to provide better products!

ah! ? who went to get the medal back? you must be curious, right? small make up this for you to introduce the "big".

in fact, the awards ceremony is only one of the links of "the fourth international pig feed nutrition bbs", this bbs is "the highlight"! heavyweight guests from domestic and foreign popular political, academic, scientific and research institutes and other fields, as well as elites from domestic and foreign high-quality feed production and research and development enterprises, pig farms of scale and above, gathered together to explore precise nutrition schemes for chinese-style breeding pigs.


      as one of the bbs speakers, dr. tan jiajin, president of yangxiang research institute of yangxiang co., ltd. made a keynote report on "breeding pig management and cost control" and shared a lot of practical "dry goods". what are the five key elements of low-cost pig breeding? listen to dr. tan.

 1. genetic inheritance

   from the perspective of genetic inheritance, reducing the ratio of meat and increasing the number of offspring are the keys to reducing the cost.

2. precise nutrition

   from the perspective of precision nutrition, the key point to reduce the cost is to keep the formula cost unchanged, improve the production performance or keep the production performance unchanged.

from this perspective, the nutrition design of "low pregnancy, high lactation" sows should pay attention to the early pregnancy should not be excessive restrictions on food intake and the middle of pregnancy should not be excessive feeding and lead to sows too fat

    3. biological safety

  from the perspective of biological safety, improving survival rate and reducing drug cost per head are the core of reducing cost. from this perspective, measures of pig herd health management can be summarized as follows:

(1) establishment of biosecurity system;

(2) purification of the source of major epidemics;
(3) cultivation and domestication of backup pigs;
(4) health management of piglets in the delivery room;
(5) health management of weaning pigs.

   4. environmental control

  improving health and production performance is the focus of cost reduction.

   5. production management

   improving production efficiency and reducing costs are the core of cost reduction.

is this knowledge very practical? hope everybody raises pig person to be able to apply these knowledge very good in actual raising pig process, raise pig easily, joy makes money!

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