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yangxiang donates 25 million on the country’s rural revitalization project, an effort to build a beautiful rural areas.
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the activity of "thousand enterprises unite thousand villages to build a new rural area" is launched by guigang government today. and yangxiang donates 25 million which will be used on the construction of new rural area in guigang.

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(he luchun, secretary of the guigang municipal party and committee, and lan xiao, the mayor of guigang, took a group photo with business representatives)

it is reported that this activity is one of the two thematic activities of guigang city to comprehensively promote rural revitalization, and is of great significance to the construction of new rural area in guigang. since the preparation of the event, in less than a month, the projects and donations pledged by caring companies have reached 100 million yuan. 

in this event, mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang co., ltd. and the representative of attended enterprises, said: “yangxiang, as a key national leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization that serves rural areas, agriculture and farmers and has always been fighting at the front line of rural revitalization, will do its best to promote rural revitalization in guigang city".

(mo jinzhi delivering a speech as the representative of attended enterprises)

since its establishment in 1998, yangxiang has deeply practiced the business development philosophy of "agriculture-oriented, pig-based industry, make farmers rich by pig farming", and has been committed to modernizing the livestock industry with technological innovation, continuously undertaking social responsibility, and helping farmers to alleviate poverty and increase income. as leading enterprise, yangxiang solidly promote the poverty alleviation project by driving tens of thousands of households to the pig industry, create a precision poverty alleviation ecological raising model, and promote the healthy development of pig industry and increase farmers income steadily by creating "iron barrel pig farms" and developing high-end ecological multi-floor pig raising models.

(yangxiang signed agreementwith administrative villageas a corporate representative)


(he luchun, secretary of the guigang municipal party committee, awarded the flag to yangxiang, and the second from the left was gao yuanfei, secretary of the party committee of yangxiang)

this year is the first year of the "14th five-year plan" and is also a critical period for comprehensively promoting the rural revitalization strategy. under the leadership and guidance of the party committees and governments at all levels, yangxiang will not forget its original aspiration, keep its mission in mind, and give full play to its advantages in agricultural and rural areas and scientific and technological strength formed in a long time. yangxiang will make every effort to create an integrated industrial model of "feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food marketing", promote high-quality industrial development, better serve the rural revitalization, and strive to produce support for a promising future of thousands of villages.

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