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lesson learned!that’s how yangxiang raises pigs…
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previously, if we told parents that we want to raise pigs after graduation from university

they would not understand such ideas and think we were not ambitious

but, with the development of society and swine industry

the editor believes that nowadays parents could readily agree us to make this decision

high technology, competitive benefits package, comfortable working and life environment…

below is the place where we are talking↓↓↓


for the outside world, multi-floor pig farm of yangxiang is a mystery

and many people are curious about how to raise pigs in multi-floor facilities

how to feed pigs? how to deal with manure?

do pigs take the elevator to go up and down?

today, the editor will answer all these questions one by one~


1. why does yangxiang build multi-floor facilities for pigs?

one is due to that china has a big population and little land from the overall environment

farming land is becoming increasingly scarce

another reason is that

since yangxiang started to step into scientific pig raising in 2009

mass of production data need to be collected for analysis

therefore, it requires to raise lots of pigs intensively

if we continue to adopt the traditional flat-layer rearing mode

large amounts of land will be in demand

then the idea of “developing into the air” is born

as a result, multi-floor pig farm comes into being


2. is it difficult to build multi-floor facilities for pigs?

in the year when yangxiang conceives to build the multi-floor pig farm

there are few reference models in the world

what’s more difficult is that the multi-floor pig farm that yangxiang wants to build

is not just a simple stacking of flat barns

but need to deeply consider essential needs of pigs

such as ventilation, temperature control, air filtration, pig transfer, etc

think hard about how to “make pigs live a better life”

in order to solve these problems and break through various technical bottlenecks

yangxiang and partners devote themselves to research and achieve many results

obtain multiple patents in multi-floor raising technologies and process systems


3. does it cost to raise pigs in multi-floor farm?

it seems costly to raise pigs in multi-floor farm

but it is actually “money saving”

don’t be deterred by the “luxurious appearance”

for pig enterprises, whether or not to build flat pig barns

cost input of farm construction in early stage

is a big expense

due to higher requirements of multi-floor farm construction technology

the initial investment cost is truly higher

however, land is saved, space utilization rate is higher, and service life is longer

applications of automatic and intelligent equipment can also greatly save labor costs

by comprehensive calculation, cost performance ratio of multi-floor farm is higher!

more importantly, living environment of employees can be greatly improved


4. how is the raising environment within multi-floor farm?

modern society has paid more and more attention to animal welfare

“make pigs live a better life” has always been the goal of yangxiang

in multi-floor farm,

each sow has its own crate

boars have a relatively wide space (so-called “deluxe single-room”),

because they need much more movement

with feed factory nearby, feed pipes directly connect the factory and farm

leave out intermediate links of feed transporting, and avoid pollution well

feed safety is more secure



and the application of intelligent devices,

let pigs “eat as much as they should”

nutrition intake is very accurate!

unique ventilation system allows every pig

to breathe fresh and clean air all the time

it's no longer pigs at the front get first served

considering the biosecurity, pigs are equipped with special elevators

how many points do you give for this design?



5. hard to raise pigs without seriously learning

modern pig industry has developed with each passing day

requirements for talents are higher and higher

simple physical effort alone

cannot be competent for the job of raising pigs

release of yangxiang multi-floor pig farm online system has used a large number of

intelligent pig raising systems and hardware equipment

content of the science and technology related to pig raising is increasing

farm staff must understand how to operate intelligent systems and equipment

in order to be qualified with posts

so, if we didn't study hard at colleagues

we may really have no chance to raise pigs



(intelligent equipment operated by yangxiang multi-floor pig farm staff)


and finally, what i want to tell is that 

expensive pork is not caused by pigs raised in multi-floor facilities  

but the productivity loss due to asf

and pig production doesn’t return to normal yet

perhaps, building a safe multi-floor pig farm

is one of the solutions to the problem of “pork shortage”

let’s look forward to it!


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