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zou zhanye, vice chairman of guangxi province, visited yangxiang for investigation
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on march 23rd, zou zhanye, vice chairman of the people’s government of guangxi province, went to guigang city to guide the work of stabilizing employment, promoting employment, enterprise employment and reform of state-owned enterprises. he luchun, municipal party committee secretary, accompanied the investigation and came to yangxiang. mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang and he bing, vice chairman of yangxiang, received vice chairman zou and his accompanying team.

chairman mo jinzhi introduced yangxiang’s efforts and honors in building a corporate talent training platform in recent years to visiting leaders. she said, “at present, yangxiang has established a trainee base and will provide trainee training for every batch of college students to help them adapt to their jobs as soon as possible, and yangxiang’s work has also received strong support from government departments."

visiting leaders watched the live video of the yangxiang sow farm and boar stud to get an intuitive understanding of the working and living environment of personnel in the trainee base.

in addition, vice chairman zou also had an in-depth understanding of yangxiang’s technological innovation and talent introduction and training work, and affirmed the company's practice of cultivating talents and stabilizing employment.

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