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big events of yangxiang in 2020!
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yangxiang published its record of big events of 2020 on february 10, one day before chinese new year.

develop industrial integration

develop industrial train that integrates feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing both in the north and the south.

following the trend of pig industry development, yangxiang creates a new industry model that integrates feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing with multi-floor pig farm at its core to build an intelligent and high-end meat factory. relying on intelligent equipment and technologies such as ai, big data, cloud computing and block chain, yangxiang realized traceability of the whole process from production to consumer and accelerated pig farm upgrading. yangxiang launched a series of integration projects both in the north and in the south in 2020 which brought a new chapter to the pig industry and made the goal of providing the public with healthy, safe, delicious and convenient food be expected.

strengthen the core competitiveness of pig farming

upgrade iron barrel asf prevention model, make breakthrough in breeding, feed, ping farming, farm management and disease prevention.

in 2020, yangxiang expanded its pig farms to provinces such as guangxi, guangdong, hunan, hubei, shandong, henan, hebei, heilongjiang and liaoning. yangxiang will continue to work on pig business and make breakthrough in breeding, feed, ping farming, farm management and disease prevention as well as strengthen the core competitiveness of pig farming with five key elements.

yangxiang developed new genomic breeding algorithms and pig iomics database, fully realized antibiotic free pig farming, innovatively initiated and promoted research on immune and disease-resistant nutrition technologies, implemented three major nutritional strategies to better meet the special nutritional needs of sows and piglets; developed research on utilization of manure, and successfully applied and promoted the integrated central control system of equipment in the multi-floor pig farm.

upgraded iron barrel asf prevention model on the basis of current asf prevention system, emphasized inspection, on-site guidance and details to ensure every step is controled, everyone takes responsibility and every job is inspected. successfully got approval of asf free compartment and 17 farms were enlisted in the first batch non-specific animal disease farms in guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

firmly insist on industrial internet

implement annual 10 projects, finish capacity building of three middle-end

digitization and intelligence are brewing a huge industrial transformation. the building of fpf smart platform and the online smart hardware are steadily advancing. fpf has been implemented on a large scale in yangxiang, and it has served more than 2 million pigs online.successfully implemented the 830 guifei pig farm internet project and the 100,000 sow internet project to create an industrial internet of " feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing ".

successfully building the traceable and intelligent supervision platform and pilot it online. finished capacity building of three middle-end, which support all intelligent equipment online and provide guarantee for equipment connection, data transmission and maintenance service. yingzi technology co., ltd got approval of high-tech enterprises.

firmly insist on pig related services

promote iron barrel asf prevention model, incessantly provide breeding pigs, semen and feed 

yangxiang developed new model of pig related service, promoted “iron barrel asf prevention” model, setting a good example for the customers and increasing their confidence. yangxiang used its asf prevention ability and pig farming ability to create a brand new empower platform for pig farmers and established more than 10 service center in various provinces to help pig farmers repopulate. in the past year, yangxiang also supplied over 300,000 breeding pigs and high quality semen for the industry.

in 2020, xiubo, one of yangxiang’s subsidiaries, officially released its traceable and intelligent logistics solution and put its boar stud in henan into use which further improved its semen supply capacity. at the same year, the launch of feed mill in anhui and tai’an improved yangxiang’s feed supply ability. yangxiang also helped more than 1000 farmers to renovate to iron barrel standard, attributing its experience to national repopulation and receiving appraisal from both ministry of agriculture and rural affairs and peers. 

firmly insist on technology and innovation

promote system upgrading, platform construction and talent training 

in 2020, yangxiang's scientific and technological innovations in various fields have bumper harvest: 29 major innovation and transformation projects passed the standard acceptance; 4 scientific and technological achievements appraisal and transformation; 20 platform standards; 88 patents; 25 papers and works; there are 25 thesis, 8 science and technology honors; 224 small and medium-sized innovation and continuous improvement projects have passed the standard acceptance. system support, system guarantee, bonus incentives, and the construction of scientific and technological innovation culture continue to improve.

successfully applied for the science and technology institute of china rural professional technology association, the“guangxi talent highland of internet intelligent pig farming” was listed in the company, and jointly established the "yangxiang industrial college" with guangxi agricultural vocational and technical college, and signed cooperation agreement on research and development and promotion of key technologies for healthy, safe and delicious modern food with huazhong agricultural university. 

exist in society and reward society

since the outbreak of covid-19 in china at the beginning of 2020, yang xiang responded to the national epidemic prevention and control work as soon as possible, stabilized the production of pig farms and feed factories, and actively performed corporate social responsibilities. yangxiang has donated more than 2 million funds and 4000 protective suits and masks worthy of 200,000 yuan. 

2020 is the final year of china’s fight against poverty. yangxiang, through the deployment of a number of high-end pig industry projects integrating "internet feed, pig farming, slaughterhouse, and food marketing" and the establishment of a "company cooperative poor household" poverty alleviation mechanism, has achieved remarkable results in poverty alleviation course. in addition, yangxiang also carries out various social welfare actions, such as donating to school, and condolences to the needy families.

move forward and strive together

a lot of awards and honors were won

with the efforts of all employees in 2020, yangxiang’s work has been recognized by government departments, industries and all walks of life. from pig raising, feed technology innovation to enterprise platform construction to social welfare actions, we won nearly 20 awards.

display of some awards in 2020

1. yangxiang’s breeding farm in guifei mountain was rated as model in digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry.

2. at the 17th chinese scientist forum, yangxiang was awarded “the demonstration unit of technological innovation” and “top 10 brand in technological innovation in intelligent pig raising”,

3. 17 farms of yangxiang were enlisted in the first batch non-specific animal disease farms in guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

4. 2020 top 10 digital leading companies in the animal husbandry and feed industry

5. 2020 annual innovation enterprise of multi-floor pig farminnovative enterprise for building pig raising in 2020

6. 2020 top 100 chinese economic innovation enterprises 

7. 2020 china (industry) most valuable brands for investment

8. successfully got approval of asf free compartment 

the year of 2021 means new challenges and new opportunities. all yangxiang employee will work together and consolidate the majestic driving force of industrial innovation and development, continue to struggle, move forward courageously, overcome obstacles, and strive to develop into a technology-based food company that provides the public with healthy, safe, delicious and convenient food!

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