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salute to these who stick to posts and stay put during spring festival
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guangxi province, shanxi province, hubei province, shandong province, sichuan province, henan province···

they come from all over the country  

but they all choose to stay put during spring festival this year

in respond to the call of the state and the company, stay put for other people’s safety and peace  

stick to their posts and fight against covid-19

salute to these most adorable yangxiang people!


mo jinzhi, chairman of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.: through efforts of all employees in 2020, yangxiang has achieved outstanding results, which is inseparable from everyone’s efforts. we also want to thank the family members of the employees for their continuous support. i wish all of you a happy new year and happy family.

quan lin'an, chairman of guangdong yangxiang technology co., ltd.: i choose to stay put during spring festival this year and stick to my post. wish our company and colleagues the best of luck in the year of ox!


li changchun, director of pig production department: we have always been on the front line of preventing and controlling asf and covid-19, we have been fighting and will be able to win. i want to say to my colleagues who stick to their posts and fight in the front line during spring festival: i am very happy with you. i wish you both success in love and career, good health and happy family.


qu dandan, general manager of shandong yangxiang agriculture and animal husbandry co., ltd.: i believe that everyone has paid a lot and gained a lot in 2020. i wish you more growth and harvest in 2021. good luck in the year of ox. may wealth come pouring in. and i wish families far away happy and healthy and everything goes smoothly.


peng guosheng, general manager of shandong yangxiang biotechnology co., ltd.: the peace and safety of the spring festival just come from the efforts of countless colleagues who are willing to stick to their posts and sacrifice themselves. once again, i sincerely thank all colleagues who do their own work well for the development of yangxiang and their families behind them for their silent support. i wish you a happy new year and a happy family!


huang mingliang, chairman of henan yangxiang agriculture and animal husbandry co., ltd.: i always think home is where the company is and yangxiang is a big family. all 211 employees of henan yangxiang stick to their posts. although i can't go home to reunite with families, but in order to better prevent asf and protect pigs, reduce costs and increase efficiency in 2021, i choose to stick to job with colleagues so as to contribute my limited strength to the supply of people's livelihood.


wang zexian, assistant to president of pig production department: everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention and control. on the one hand, staying put during spring festival is in response to company’s call to stick to the post and prevent asf; on the other hand, it is in response to the state call. it is our duty to stay put during spring festival.


hou lili, deputy director of brand operation of yangxiang: i choose to stay put during spring festival and fight covid-19 with people all over the country. although i can't reunion with my family, i believe that home is where the heart is. i wish my parents and family far away good health and all the best. i wish people of the whole country a happy new year and our motherland a prosperous future.


this year, we still face the challenge of covid-19

to answer country’s call of "stay put during spring festival"

from the top to the grass-roots level of yangxiang staff, many people sacrifice individual interests for public good

stay put during spring festival, fight against epidemic

they still stick to posts when the lights of other families are shining

stay in business during spring festival to ensure the supply of feed and essence

you are the most adorable and respectable people. thanks for your hard work and happy new year!


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