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seize new opportunities and forge ahead --- yangxiang held the 2021 all-hands meeting
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on february 9, yangxiang held the 2021 all-hands meeting with theme of “seize new opportunities and forge ahead”, reviewed and summarized the company’s work achievements in 2020, and annouced work arrangements in 2021. the meeting was presided over by chairman mo jinzhi, and all staff attended the meeting through on-site or online access.

at the meeting, zhang conglin(president of pig production department), gao yuanfei(president of pig production service department), and fu shuangxi(president of hebei and henan province), respectively made summary reports on the work in 2020 and put forward the work objectives and arrangements for 2021.

mr. shi liang, ceo of yangxiang, made a summary of company’s operation in 2020 and reported on work ideas in 2021.

delivered by shi liang, ceo of yangxiang

ceo shi liang pointed out that in 2020, all employees made continuous efforts in their posts and made great achievements. yangxiang also gave back to everyone through various incentive measures, and would continue to promote the construction and improvement of incentive mechanism in the future.

ceo shi liang emphasized that operation and improvement of an enterprise was not only driven by the existing system, but also by the core values of the enterprise. in the new year, he hoped that every staff would continue to strive and fully create personal value on the platform. yangxiang would also continue to build a broad growth and development platform for employees, and fully practice the core values of "mutual aid, forge ahead and share".

finally, ceo shi liang summed up the year of 2021 in three phases: year of life and death, year of opportunity and year of harvest. today, situation of asf was complex and changeable, so each of us should not have a fluke mind, and take "safety production" as the first. there are also new opportunities in the new crisis. as long as all staff take action, continue to forge ahead and seize the opportunities, a new "bumper harvest year" can be created.  


(delivered by mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang)


year of the ox in 2021 was approaching. at the end of the meeting, chairman mo jinzhi extended her new year greetings and blessings to colleagues who stayed put during spring festival.

“this year, our employees actively responded to the call of the state and the company. many people from the top to the grass-roots level choose to stay put, especially under the double popularity of asf and covid-19. plenty of employees working in pig farm stay put for several consecutive spring festivals. thank you very much for your understanding and implementation of the company’s policies. the company has also introduced some spring festival welfare policies. i hope that the directors of the subsidiary companies can make good use of the policies and organize activities so that employees could celebrated new year happily.”

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