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yangxiang won the title of“innovation demonstration enterprise of china industry-university-research collaboration in 2020”
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recently, china industry-university-research institute collaboration associationciur) announced the list of "innovation demonstration enterprise of china industry-university-research collaboration in 2020", and yangxiang was on the list.


it is understood that companies selected this time are all china's industry-university-research collaborative innovation demonstration enterprises that have achieved remarkable results in promoting the integration of "industry-university-research-application" and paly a certain leading role.


over the years, yangxiang has adhered to the concept of "technologies change swine industry" and has carried out in-depth cooperation with domestic and foreign universities and scientific research institutions, providing them with a good technology research application platform, and continuously promoting transformation of scientific research achievements in pig production.


since 2009, yangxiang has worked with huazhong agricultural university, sun yat-sen university, guangxi university, china agricultural university, foshan university and other universities in personnel training, project research, scientific and technological achievements transformation, gene breeding, precision nutrition, environmental control, and production management, in order to pursue key technology breakthrough in breeding, feed, rearing, management, disease prevention and control and to build the core competitiveness of enterprises.


in recent years, through industry-university-research cooperation with various colleges and universities, yangxiang's overall scientific research strength has been significantly improved, and fruitful results have been achieved. for example, yangxiang has been identified as the "key laboratory of healthy pig breeding of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs" and got approval to establish a "post-doctoral research center", and awarded as talent highland in guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

there are also fruitful achievements in the transformation of scientific research results. for example, the clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farm which is a innovative design by yangxiang and huazhong agricultural university provides a mature experience reference for exploring and developing a multi-floor raising model with chinese characteristics; and five elements of scientific pig raising were summed up (genetic inheritance, precision nutrition, environmental control, production management, bio-security); build a pig raising competency center relying on the mature training system of yangxiang university, and hold pitc international conferences with canadian pig production training ltd (ppt) company.


strengthening industry-university-research cooperation is an important support for opening up the innovation chain and promoting innovation and development. based on the goal of “building a whole industrial chain of pig industry integrated feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing”, yangxiang will solidly promote the “industry-university-research” cooperation with colleges and universities to promote scientific and technological innovation and the transformation of results, and provide the public with health, safe, delicious and convenient food.

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