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yangxiang donated 350,000rmb to guigang senior high school
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on january 29, guigang senior high school held the "12th grade model exam 1 commendation and yangxiang scholarship award ceremony". yangxiang donated 350,000rmb to guigang senior high school as scholarship of outstanding students and teachers, which aimed to inspire all students and teachers to maintain a good teaching atmosphere and continue to train talents for the country and society.

attending people in this ceremony included guan shengqi, secretary of the party committee and principal of school; wei xiangwu, vice principal of school; all the students and teachers of 12th grade; mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang; and yang ling, chief financial officer of yangxiang.

it is known that guigang senior high school is the most famous model high school with a long history in guigang city. since its establishment, guigang senior high school has cultivated and delivered a large number of talents for the country and society. yangxiang is a local enterprise in guigang city, which adheres to the business concept of "make profits from society and give something back to society". over the years, yangxiang has carried out various forms of education aid, such as "million aid program for poor students".

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