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good news!yangxiang won the title of benchmark enterprise for antibiotic free feed
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on the evening of january 27, the award ceremony of "china quality feed in 2020" was held in the form of live webcast, and winning units were announced and commended. yangxiang was awarded the "benchmark enterprise for antibiotic free feed"; xiyangyang piglet artificial milk (a kind of yangxiang feed) won the "outstanding brand of antibiotic free feed"; and dr. tan jiajian, dean of yangxiang research institute, was awarded the "outstanding contribution award of pioneer animal nutritionist on antibiotic free feed".

(benchmark enterprise for antibiotic free feed)

(outstanding contribution award of pioneer animal nutritionist on antibiotic free feed)

(outstanding brand of antibiotic free feed)

it is understood that "china quality feed in 2020" activity started in june 2020 and lasted for more than half a year. through online live broadcast, site visiting, online netizens' “likes”, and evaluation by the offline activity evaluation committee, finally selection of benchmark enterprises for antibiotic free feed, pioneer animal nutritionist on antibiotic free feed, outstanding brands of antibiotic free feed turned out.

yangxiang adheres to the spirit of craftsmanship and is committed to feed nutrition research and development to provide customers with high quality feed.

starting with feed, yangxiang has made many achievements in the field of feed nutrition, coupled with pig raising experience accumulated in so many years. facing the popularity of asf and requirements of antibiotic free, yangxiang implements three nutrition strategies of "efficient breeding of gilts into breeding pigs, protection of weak piglets and rapid growth of commercial pigs", and constantly focuses on "precise nutrition" to provide targeted solutions in feed nutrition.

xiyangyang piglet artificial milk has the characteristics of replacing breast feeding, increasing survival and promoting growth. it can directly replace breast milk and can be called "life-saving milk" for piglets! for many years, dr. tan jiajian has been engaged in animal nutrition research and practice, established the unique raw material quality control system of yangxiang, and made outstanding contributions in comprehensively promoting the realization of yangxiang antibiotic free feed.

yangxiang has all installed precision feeding systems and hardware equipment in the sow barn. focusing on the industrial internet development strategy, yangxiang will use the internet to continuously promote the research and development of "5 precision" feed nutrition.

in line with the development trend of the industry, yangxiang nutrition research center is carrying out research on antibiotic free raising technology during whole production phases, fermented feed, and pork quality and nutrition regulation to lay the foundation to provide healthy, safe and delicious pork food for consumers.

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