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shenyang yangxiang provided support for medical workers against covid-19
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on january 16, shenyang municipal bureau of agriculture and rural affairs and shenyang municipal agricultural industry chain association undertook the activity "devotion of love, fight against covid-19 side by side" and sent heart-warming materials to front-line personnel from shenyang center for disease control and prevention and the sixth people’s hospital of shenyang to show respect and gratitude. as the leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization in shenyang city, shenyang yangxiang feed co., ltd. also actively participated in this activity, sending 100 boxes of vegetables and 350 boxes of milk to medical staff, and hoping to bring some warmth to medical staff on the front line.

(shenyang yangxiang participated in donation activities)

wang na, manager of shenyang yangxiang sales department, said, “our company pays great attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic in shenyang. in addition to finding ways to stabilize feed production and supply, we also actively fulfill corporate social responsibilities, are responsive to demand from front line as soon as possible and do your best to help."

focusing on epidemic prevention and control with one hand and production with the other, shenyang yangxiang is making its own contribution to the "six safeguards and six priorities" in shenyang city.

wang na said that with experience accumulated last year, company’s epidemic prevention actions were very rapid and efficient this year. when shenyang reported the first case of the epidemic, we immediately responded and quickly purchased materials such as masks, alcohol, and protective coveralls. in addition, we purchased various production and living materials in advance to ensure logistical supplies.

in the past year, shenyang yangxiang has maintained a high degree of attention and vigilance to the dynamic trend of epidemic. some protective measures in the factory have not been removed to prepare for emergencies. for example, the dining partition board of the staff in the office will be repaired in time if damaged to guarantee separate dining space.

since feed mill is a personnel intensive production unit, in consideration of the safety of employees and the cooperation of epidemic prevention and control, after cooperating with the government to do the second round of nucleic acid testing for all employees, shenyang yangxiang began to close factory on january 11, 2021.

(employees cooperated with medical staff to do nucleic acid testing)

faced with the test of the epidemic, all employees of the company chose to obey the arrangement, stick to their posts, and contribute to the stability of production and supply with their own strength.

after the factory is closed, management pressure of personnel in and out is relieved, but shenyang yangxiang still maintains high requirements for the prevention and control of internal factory. for example, production area and office area are strictly separated and must not be crossed; each area is disinfected every day, and the temperature of employees is monitored daily; staff should wear masks and eat separately. for visitors such as raw material transportation drivers, they are required to issue a nucleic acid test certificate, scan registration code, measure temperature and disinfect, walk in designated areas. for drivers working within factory areas, nucleic acid test costs are covered by the company.

(security personnel measured the temperature of vehicle driver)

faced with the pressure of road transportation under the epidemic situation, shenyang yangxiang not only applied for the qualification of enterprise to ensure people’s livelihood, but also actively coordinated resources and switched to shipping and rail transportation. in addition, the company has consciously stocked raw materials since june 2020. until now, feed production has not been affected too much.

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