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yangxiang intelligent multi-floor pig farm was ranked as national standardized demonstration farm of pig raising
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recently, the general office of the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs of the people's republic of china announced the list of "standardized demonstration farms for livestock and poultry breeding in 2020", and yangxiang guifei mountain intelligent multi-floor pig farm was on the list.

the selection is based on standards of "efficient production, environmental friendliness, product safety, and advanced management". after voluntary application by farms, provincial selection and recommendation, and ministerial expert review, the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs finally selected the standardized demonstration farms for livestock and poultry breeding in 2020. 

guifei mountain breeding pig farm

compared with the above selection standards, what are outstanding advantages of yangxiang guifei mountain intelligent multi-floor pig farm?

efficient production. guifei mountain multi-floor pig farm has realized a high degree of mechanization, automation and intelligence. the pig farm uses fpf (future pig farm) intelligent management platform system and equipment to move "farm, pig, iot and people" to the internet for online collaborative management so as to achieve more efficient and smarter pig raising. after more than 3 years of production practice, production efficiency has been significantly improved.

large-scale usage of fpf intelligent equipment in pens for production management

environment friendly. guifei mountain multi-floor pig farm has achieved clean and odorless raising through technological innovation such as centralized odor treatment complying with discharge standard, zero emission of sewage and automatic treatment of organic fertilizer. even on the viewing platform which is only above 100m away from the production area of the farm, there is no smell or noise. moreover, the land use of multi-floor pig farm is only 1 / 10 of that of the traditional flat-floor pig farm, greatly reducing the occupation and damage on land resources. 

product safety. bio-security is a key consideration at the beginning of the design and construction of the guifei mountain multi-floor pig farm. through closed breeding, air filtration, full-cycle all in and all out, and construction of a structured bio-security system, a comprehensive and three-dimensional high-intensity farm bio-security is realized. at present, the company is making every effort to build the whole industrial chain integrated “feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food market” with the core of intelligent multi-floor pig raising, realizing the traceability of the whole production process, and striving to provide consumers with healthy, safe and delicious pork. 

get through industrial chain to provide the public with high-quality pork

advanced management. guifei mountain multi-floor pig farm adopts intelligent pig raising mode, and uses a large number of automated and intelligent equipment, such as a high degree of integration of water and electricity grids, which requires higher quality of pig raising team. therefore, multi-floor pig farm employs high-quality talents. in order to break the bottleneck of manual management, multi-floor farm has adopted intelligent management platform and equipment to replace traditional breeding models, which liberates more labor and drastically reduces the labor ratio. 

the mature application of intelligent equipment greatly improves management efficiency

in september 2020, guifei mountain multi-floor pig farm was rated as "digital and intelligent transformation model farm of china's livestock industry", which provided a reference model for the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of the pig industry and high-quality development.

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