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yangxiang was listed as “100 economically innovative enterprises of china in 2020”
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yangxiang was listed as “100 economically innovative enterprises of china in 2020” and “the most valuable brand(within the industry)of china to invest in 2020” at the 2020 china annual economic summit.

with the theme of “focus on new models, discuss new economy”, the 2020 china annual economic summit focused on hot economic issues in china and promotion of high quality economic development. the summit also commended units and individuals that have pioneered and innovated in 2020 and those who actively fulfilled their social responsibilities, and made outstanding contributions to high-quality economic development during the epidemic.

it is understood that all the awards given at the summit are based on the expert review and evaluation by  the "2020 china economic annual summit" and the "2020 china finance and investment high-level forum" organizing committee. the evaluation criteria involves 24 subdivision of six dimensions which includes innovation capabilities, quality management, development potential, brand building, social responsibility, benefit level, etc. 

yangxiang won two awards at the summit, a proof of its innovative development and undertaking of social responsibilities.

in 2020, covid-19 has had a huge impact on social and economic development. as a supply guarantee company, yangxiang has responded actively to epidemic prevention and control, undertakes social responsibility, stabilizes production, and contributes to the supply of pork and production materials for farmers; on the one hand, under the challenge of the epidemic, yangxiang actively explores the path of industrial upgrading and development, build the whole industrial chain of “feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse, and food marketing” to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of pig industry.

in the future, amid the complex and changeable domestic and international economic situation, yangxiang will continue to focus on vigorous innovation and scientific respond, seize opportunities from the crisis, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, firmly grasp the initiative of development, and strive for greater progress and development!
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