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yangxiang introduced its poverty alleviation cause at the 18th china agricultural product fair
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the 18th china agricultural product fair and sustainable development forum of characteristic industries in poverty alleviation areas, jointly organized by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs and chongqing municipal people's government, was held in chongqing on 27th, november. 

as the only representative from enterprises, yangxiang made an important report at the forum. mo jinzhi, president of yangxiang, reported yangxiang’s poverty alleviation programs including the project to lift 10,000 pig farmers out of poverty,   ecological and cooperative farming model to precisely alleviate poverty, and the project to maintain the sustainable development of poverty alleviation with the development of pig industry. ms. mo also made an introduction of yangxiang’s future plan in poverty alleviation in the pig industry.

established 20 years ago and as a national key leading enterprise in agricultural industrialization, yangxiang is always committed to its development principle that treat agriculture as foundation, pig as business and make farmers rich through pig farming. yangxiang also makes great efforts in scientific research and innovation to advance the development of animal and husbandry industry, undertakes social responsibility to help increase farmers’ income and successfully finds out an effective poverty alleviation model and an interest connection mechanism.  

at present, china's animal husbandry industry is on the track of high-quality and high-speed development. yang xiang also attaches great importance to the healthy development of the pig industry, and promotes the intelligent multi-floor pig farm. relies on high-end and ecological breeding mode, large-scale production losses caused by diseases are avoided

at the same time, yangxiang further develop its model of “company cooperative impoverished household” to advance its poverty alleviation cause. through the building of high standard and efficient farms, yangxiang attracts farmers to cooperate with it to raise pigs. as a result, the poor villages and so called empty villages get rid of poverty. 

in the "national agricultural enterprise brand promotion event", yang xiang, as one of the representatives of three animal husbandry enterprises on the scene, introduced its brand. mo jinzhi said: "as a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise, yangxiang is committed to providing the public with healthy, safe, delicious, and convenient pork product, and we are now working on the entire industrial chain of pig industry that integrates feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing. 

at the fair, yangxiang’s industrial poverty alleviation cause was unanimously recognized by the minister of agriculture and rural affairs han changfu and other leaders. in the future, yangxiang will earnestly implement the spirit of the fifth plenary session of the 19th central committee of the communist party of china and increase industrial assistance to consolidate and expand the influence of poverty alleviation and to make greater contributions to the overall revitalization of rural areas.
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