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how does yangxiang build its culture of technology-based pig farming?
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developing its business from feed production to traditional pig farming, scientific pig farming, data-based pig farming and internet-based pig farming, yangxiang has now grown into an agricultural and animal husbandry company with industrial internet and scientific technologies, integrating feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing. 

the principle that we should put stability and powerfulness before scale is seen in every stage of yangxiang’s development. relying on technologies and innovation, yangxiang engages in the pig industry and blaze a trail with its unique characteristics which regards pig farming ability as the priority but not the scale expansion. yangxiang also tries every effort to explore the pig industry thoroughly. 

young as it is in the pig industry, yangxiang has already made a deep integration of science, technologies and pig farming. certain achievements have been made in cost control, pig genetics research and industrial internet, delivering an impression of technologies and innovation to the pig industry.

so how does yangxiang build its culture of technology-based pig farming?

at a conference of the pig industry, mo jinzhi, president of yangxiang, revealed: “yanxgiang bears the image of an innovative company, emphasizing technologies and innovation and focusing on the trend of times, business culture, comprehensive strategy and talent mechanism.”   

first is to always conform to the development of the times. in the post-asf era, pig industry is facing many challenges. yangxiang innovatively explored the "intelligent multi-floor pig farm" and the "iron barrel asf prevention model", which create successful results. it indicates yangxiang's deep understanding of biosecurity requirement and the needs of upgrading and development of the pig industry, and adaptation to such situations and needs to carry out conceptual innovation and technological innovation;

second is the commitment to our business culture. our original mission is to produce healthy, safe, delicious and low-cost food and we will add convenience into the mission in the future. as a result, we will provide the public with healthy, safe, delicious and convenient food. based on the vision that technologies change pig industry, yangxiang has carried out in-depth cooperation with universities and organizes awarding ceremony for innovative technologies every year to encourage employee to innovate and create favorable environment for innovation inside the company.  

(yangxiang 2020 awarding ceremony for innovative technologies)

third is to focus on comprehensive strategy. the industrial internet proposed by yangxiang is a representative of the comprehensive strategy. feed production, semen and pig farming are not independent from each other, and there should be an integrative development of feed production, pig farming, slaughterhouse and food marketing. the development of yanxgiang’s intelligent equipment is based on the integration requirement of the pig industry to make management easier. 

fourth is to unswervingly encourage employee to innovate. with the challenges brought by asf, yangxiang produces semen over 10 million does/year successfully and provides more than 3,000,000 quality sows for the industry. all these achievements were the result of over 20 years of continuous encouragement to innovation with sound environment both in mental and in materials

in fact, yang xiang has always had an insight and thorough research on the essential needs of the development of pig farming, a traditional industry, and was also well prepared. the long-term adherence to the concept of "technologies change pig industry" and the continuous creation of a culture of innovation and sharing have laid a solid foundation for the company to build the core competitiveness.
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