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how does yangxiang raise pigs in a healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly way in its multi-floor farm?
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since the restriction on the multi-floor pig farm was lifted in december, 2019, the pig industry has seen more and more multi-floor pig farms emerging. most multi-floor farms were built primarily to save land, optimize resources, reduce cost and improve efficiency and advance the integration development. 

however, as multi-floor pig farm is now still at exploration stage, there is no agreed standard and enterprises have different understanding of it. as a result, the multi-floor pig farms of different companies have their distinctive characteristics. 

(healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly  experience sharing of multi-floor pig farm of yangxiang)

since its use in 2017 to date, the multi-floor pig farm has been in good operation, providing a model for the pig industry. zhang conglin, chief executive officer of the pig production sector of yangxiang, was invited to a conference to share the company’s experience of the multi-floor farm where yangxiang raise pigs in a healthy, efficient and environmental friendly way. 

yangxiang multi-floor pig farm boasts a lot of advantages including high biosecurity, land resources conservation, intelligent pig farming, efficient and safe operation and environmental protection, among which environmental protection is the priority. 

yangxiang took the pollution and waste gas into consideration when it first designed the multi-floor pig farm and applied a lot of innovative technologies to realize clean and odorless farming, reducing immensely the effect on environment.  

as shown in the following photo, four white buildings situated in the green forest with an area of around 26,666,666 ㎡. with the beautiful scenery, these four buildings are easily mistaken into holiday villas, which are quite different from the traditional pig farms that are dirty and stinky. 

 (the green mountains are not affected,  pig raising in a clean, odorless and environmental-friendly way) 

the multi-floor pig farm has been put into use for more than 3 years since 2017, but the large-scaled pig farming doesn’t influence the surrounding forest by its manure and waste gas. 

for those who have visited the multi-floor pig farm, they know that there is no stinky smell or pig sound when they standing in the viewing platform which is 100 meters away from the farm. 

(short distance between the viewing platform and the farm)

when sharing experience at the conference, zhang conglin emphasized the importance of environmental protection. he noted that though there are no strict rules for the multi-floor pig farm yet, yangxiang already took into consideration of the gas discharge and manure pollution at its design of the multi-floor pig farm. currently, all farms of yangxiang are equipped with strict environmental rules. 

with the well-thought top design and innovative technologies, yangxiang realize the high level environmental protection. 

through the centralized treatment of waste gas and the advanced automatic treatment of organic fertilizer, a new model of environmentally friendly pig raising is created to solve the environmental problems in traditional pig raising.

environmental protection is the core of yangxiang in the development of pig farming, and it is a key link to achieve a balance between pig production and ecological environment.

through years of investment and scientific research and innovation, the company has achieved certain achievements, and finally succeeded in realizing clean and odorless farming, providing a reference for environmental control experience for the development of this multi-floor farming model with chinese characteristics.

the goal yangxiang pursuits in the future is to bring no change to the mountains and water in the location where pig farms locate and develop an environmentally friendly farming model. as a result, we create true value for public and society and contribute to the development for the pig industry.   

at this moment, yangxiang’s pig production performance ranks among the best with psy28.7,msy27.5 and whole-process survival rate of 92%, overall cost of 10.62 rmb/kg. 
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