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hunan yangxiang headquarters settled in “silicon valley of breeding industry”
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on november 24, hunan yangxiang agriculture and animal husbandry co., ltd (here refer to as “hunan yangxiang”) officially settled in longping high-tech industry zone of changsha city.

longping high-tech industry zone of changsha city, named after yuan longping, the father of hybrid rice in the world, is the only high-tech park in china named after a famous scientist. it is unique at biological breeding and is committed to building “silicon valley of chinese breeding industry”. longping high-tech industry zone is one of the bases with the strongest scientific research ability and the most concentrated scientific and technological achievements in china’s agricultural field.

in line with needs of high-quality development of hunan pig industry, hunan yangxiang will export guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.( here refer to as guangxi yangxiang) scientific pig rearing ability and pig industry internet ability, and contribute to the upgrading of local pig industry.

hunan yangxiang is a wholly-owned subsidiary of guangxi yangxiang, its business including feed, pig rearing and technical service related to pig rearing. relying on yangxiang’s industrial internet capability, it builds an integrated pig industry chain of “feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing” in hunan province, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of local pig industry.

the company’s business mainly focuses on two objectives: 1. serving local people and ensuring supply; 2. providing “healthy, safe, delicious and convenient” high-quality pork.

as for the future development, hunan yangxiang also has a plan. in the future, with the gradual promotion of pig production capacity, the company will support slaughtering and deep processing to open up the industrial chain.

in the future, hunan yangxiang will closely follow the development pace of guangxi yangxiang, solidly promote the development of the whole industry chain integrating  “feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing” of the industrial internet in hunan, so as to help the stable supply of live pigs in the local market, and make the public more convenient to consume healthy, safe and delicious high-quality pork. 

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