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good news! yangxiang acquired the qualification of “guangxi talent highland of internet intelligent pig farming”
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guangxi talent highland of internet intelligent pig farming was approved as the 8th batch talent highland in guangxi by human resources and social security bureau in october, 2019.

recently, the talent highland was officially launched in yangxiang.

it is understood that the autonomous region-level talent highland is a major talent project implemented by the party committee and government of the autonomous region to solve the bottleneck problem of the shortage of high-level talents. at present, a total of 8 batches of 76 talent highlands have been established.

"talent highland" has played an important role in gathering high-level leading talents, completing high-level scientific research projects, promoting the development of key industries and key disciplines, and demonstrating the development of human resources and the building of talent teams.  

adhering to the principle of “technologies change swine industry”, yangxiang conducted cooperation with many universities such as huazhong agricultural university, sun yat-sen university, china agricultural university.

together with universities, yangxiang made technological innovation, achievement transformation, and talent training in the fields of genetics, precise nutrition, production management, environmental control, slaughter house, ai, intelligent equipment and internet platform.

yangxiang is now home to over 30 doctors, more than 300 masters, over 20 foreign experts and more than 10 it experts.

the continuous growth of the scientific research team has helped yangxiang quickly move towards the "internet of pig industry". from feed production to traditional pig raising, scientific pig raising, data pig raising and internet pig raising, yangxiang has now developed into a technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise integrating feed production, pig production, pig slaughtering and food marketing.

future pig farm (refer to as fpf) intelligent ecological system and a series of intelligent products were officially launched in 2018, which marked that yangxiang ushered into the stage of ai pig raising. yangxiang will work harder to reduce pig production cost and become an excellent internet service provider for the pig industry through internet technologies.

unveil ai pig raising

building the internet of the pig industry is a key measure to promote the high-quality development of the pig industry. there is a long way to go, and a large number of talents are needed to join, work together.

for yangxiang who always values talents, every talent will be welcomed wherever he or she is from.

in the future, yangxiang will rely on the platform of talent highland, introduce more high-level talents, and continue to create a good atmosphere for innovation and creation within the company, vigorously promote technological innovation, and contribute more to the transformation and upgrading of the pig industry. 

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