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amazing! yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farm on china central television again
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yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farm was on china central television again, a proof of its excellence.  

a review of 2019 report by cctv

after a series of challenges posed by asf outbreak in the late 2019, pig industry in china was in dire demand for a safe and reliable repopulation model to revitalize its pig industry and bring confidence to farms in the repopulation. click the link to review the report:

sow farms and boar studs of yangxiang company, in both the north and the south of china, persevered 60,000 sows and all boars respectively amid the challenges brought by asf. on the basis of asf prevention model in the multi-floor pig farm, yangxiang further explored an “iron barrel model” that was more applicable for flat farms and promoted it to farmers in the process of repopulation, making a contribution to the stability of pig supply and production.  

(picture from cctv)

correspondent from china central television visited yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farm in november 11, 2019 to find out the secret that sustained pig production under asf circumstance. the report brought the general public a totally new vision of the traditional pig industry. many people was surprised that pig raising could be so advanced and intelligent. 

the year of 2020 witnessed report of yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farm from cctv again 

how is the pig production now inside the multi-floor pig farm since last visit? let’s go with the correspondent from china central television to have a look!

(pigs grow well in the clean and neat pen. with intensified biosecurity measures in the past year, sows inside the farm were all inseminated and gave birth successfully, which not only meet the demand of yangxiang but also provided qualitied breeding pigs for the industry.)

as pig industry in china moves toward large-scale and modernization and available land resources is limited, multi-floor pig farm is emerging and become a farming model with distinctive characteristics.  

since put into use in 2017, yangxiang's intelligent multi-floor pig farm has been in stable and efficient operation for more than 3 years, a practical proof of its safety and reliability.

as asf become constant, multi-floor pig farm ensures the realization of producing pigs safely and displays many advantages in high-quality development of pig industry. 

in terms of reducing volatility of pig cycle, scaled farm plays a more effective role in the supply adjustment. yangxiang's intelligent multi-floor pig farm creates conditions for safe, stable and efficient large-scale pig production, enhances the "planning" of pig production, reducing the volatility of pig supply, and the pig cycle is expected to be more stable.

its environmental-friendly style can achieve high standards of environmental protection, reduce gas pollution, noise pollution, etc., and greatly reduce the impact of pig production on surrounding residents. it has become the preferred mode of urban pig raising recommended by the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.

in terms of high-quality pork production, clean pens, higher animal welfare, and the application of intelligent breeding systems and equipment have greatly improved the health of pigs, and the final quality of pork produced will be higher.

in addition, the application of industrial internet that integrates feed production, pig production, pig slaughter and food marketing makes it possible to trace the whole process of pig production through technologies such as big data, blockchain and cloud computing. as a result, food safety is guaranteed and consumers feel more relieved in their purchase. 

so, a pig hotel like this, do you like it?
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