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yangxiang 2020 innovation and technology annual meeting held successfully
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from january 6 to 7, yangxiang 2020 innovation and technology annual meeting was grandly opened. nearly 700 people from headquarters, middle and senior management staff from branches and subsidiaries as well as external invited guests. in addition, the pig farm employees of the company’s pig raising division and all employees of the subsidiary companies also attended the meeting by video access.


the annual meeting also received the attention and support of cooperative universities, such as huazhong agricultural university, sun-yat sen university, and foshan university. facing the new year of 2020, universities and enterprises will jointly discuss and explore the direction of future pig industry development.


new year and a new begin, the annual meeting not only reviewed the development and innovation achievements of yangxiang in 2019, but also stood in a new development period, deeply analyzed the situation, followed the trend and looked forward to 2020.


move forward with mission, seize the day and live it to the full


ms. mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang, made an opening speech for the conference entitled “obey the call from the mission, seize the day and live it to the ful”; she summarized the company’s development and innovation work in 2019, and the biggest innovation was prevention and control of asf.


ms. mo also mentioned that yang xiang has always dreamed of doing something for pig industry, dreaming of opening up the industrial chain from farm to table, dreaming of moving pig farms to the internet, and dreaming of making pig farmers realize efficient pig raising and happy life. now, yangxiang dreams of making pig farmers resume normal production, providing healthy, safe and delicious pork food for the society, and becoming a responsible company than could lead the pig industry and build a platform for the growth and development of employees, so as to make work and life more meaningful.

new chapter: a new outlook for school-enterprise cooperation

yao jianglin, deputy secretary of the party committee and vice president of huazhong agricultural university, and other leaders of the cooperative colleges also addressed the annual meeting, saying that they would continue to follow the new situation of social development in the future, strengthen the school-enterprise cooperation relationship with yangxiang, and work together for the development of the industry.


at the meeting, professor zhao shuhong, dean of the college of animal science and technology and college of veterinary medicine of huazhong agricultural university, gave a special report on innovative ideas for pig breeding; and professor wu bin from the college of animal science and technology and college of veterinary medicine of huazhong agricultural university, gave a special report on innovation in bio-security prevention and control. 



build the future: break through the industrial chain of “feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing”


mr. shi liang, ceo of yangxiang, made a theme report on breaking through the industrial chain and enhancing the value of the industrial chain.


in the theme report, mr. shi mentioned two directions for future development: pig raising cost control and industrial chain value enhancement.


regardless of the situation, yangxiang will not change its self-forging of cost-effective pig raising ability, because the ability to prevent and control asf only allows the pig farm to defeat the disease and survive, but the ability of cost-effective raising pigs is the main factor that determines the pig farm to win over the peers.


yangxiang will also unswervingly adhere to the concept of “seek stability first and then strive for greatness”, strengthen its “internal skills”, pay attention to the fundamental needs of the development and progress of the pig industry, focus on the new consumer demand of people who expect both quantity and quality of food, take the clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farm as the starting point, break through the industrial chain, and strive to become a safe and delicious pork food material supplier.


focus on people: home is at where the pig farm locates

yangxiang always promotes “family culture”, but how to define the “family culture” under new circumstance.

in the conference, “three feelings” (feeling of family, feeling of health and feeling of growth) brought new understanding of family culture to yangxiang staff.

with the principle of treating people as the foundation and regarding pig production as our course, yangxiang will strive to create a brand new enterprise culture of home is at where the pig farm locates and improve the living facilities in the farm to provide better living environment for our employee so that they can give full play of their abilities and creativity. how to make our employee work at peace and live happily deserves necessary attention for the managers.

talent is in the core of enterprise competition. only when the basic need of people is considered and employee feel happy in their life and accomplished in work, can a company create a better circumstance for innovation and creativity.

the award ceremony is the best manifestation of yangxiang's emphasis on technological innovation and persistence in sharing culture.   

at the awards ceremony that night, in order to commend the individuals and teams who have achieved achievements in scientific and technological innovation in the past year, yang xiang granted bonus for hundreds of projects, amounting to tens of millions.


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