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launch in qinghai province! march into the high-end pig industry in urban area
author:guangxi yangxiang co

on may 30, jiang qingbo(deputy director of qinghai industry and information technology department), lei hai(head of investment promotion department of qinghai industry and information technology department), he yannian(deputy head of haidong industrial park management committee of qinghai province), zhang faxiang(deputy director of science and technology department of economic association of haidong industrial park management committee of qinghai province), guan quezhaxi(deputy head of qinghai provincial animal husbandry general station), chen anmin (director of qinghai supply and marketing cooperative office), yang shirong(qinghai xibeishiye group president), zhang huayue(secretary of the party committee), and song chengjun(general manager) visited yangxiang company. yangxiang ceo shi liang, and mo jinzhi, chairman of the board, received above guests warmly.

on the same day, xibeishiye group co., ltd. and guangxi yangxiang co., ltd. formally signed a high-end pig industry cooperation project on the city's "integration of feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing".

the project will be located in haidong city, qinghai province. it plans to produce 600,000 pigs for slaughter after completion of the second phase of the project. through artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, block chain and other technical means, the traceability management of the whole process from pig birth to slaughter will be realized.

in the future, the two parties will work together to create greater value for society around the goal of "stable production and supply of pig, leading the high-quality development of the pig industry".

stable production and supply of pigs is a major issue in the current national economic work. pork is an indispensable "daily food supplies" product for urban and rural residents. stabilizing the development of pig production is of great significance to the stable operation of the economy and the stable development of society. qinghai provincial government also attaches great importance to the introduction and construction of pig rearing projects.

the industrial development of xibeishiye group covers areas such as smart city construction, big data information development, and internet of things technology development. as an introduction and cooperation enterprise of the project, under the background of the government vigorously promoting the stable production and supply of pigs and the transformation and upgrading of pig industry, xibeishiye group is committed to building a modern high-end pig raising industry with distinctive scientific and technological characteristics with its partners, so as to promote the healthy development of pig industry and pork market supply in qinghai province.

yangxiang company has been adhering to the concept of "technology changes the swine industry" for many years. in the future, yangxiang will strive to build a pig industry chain integrating feed production, pig production, slaughter and food marketing, so as to provide healthy, safe and delicious pork for the public.

in 2017, yangxiang took the lead in the industry to operate the clustered multi-floor intelligent pig farm. up to now, it has been operating efficiently for nearly three years, and has the basis and conditions for popularization and application.

this cooperation is based on the urgent needs of resuming normal pig production capacity, and the efforts made by both sides in stabilizing the supply of urban pork, realizing the traceability of pig production, and ensuring the safety of pork products, so as to make due contributions to promoting the green, efficient and sustainable development of china's pig industry.

the cooperation and introduction of the project can effectively solve the "daily food supplies" problem of qinghai people, promote local employment, meet the needs of qinghai people for high-quality agricultural products, leading the transformation and upgrading of pig industry and high-quality development of qinghai province, and build the whole pig industry chain.


mo jinzhi, chairman of yangxiang company board: through the project, we will import the experience and achievements of operation and management and scientific and technological pig farming into qinghai, including pig genetic breeding, application of internet intelligence, and future pork research and development.

song chengjun, general manager of qinghai xibeishiye group co., ltd.: the project plays a positive role in resuming normal pig production capacity, resuming normal pork supply and stabilizing local pork price as soon as possible. after operation, it will create more employment opportunities and drive the development of other industries.

lei hai, head of investment promotion department of qinghai industry and information technology department: the sales revenue of 900 million yuan can be realized after the first phase of the project is completed, and the economic and social benefits are very obvious.

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