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it works! yangxiang’s multi-floor pig farm was ranked among the top 10 innovative business models in animal husbandry and feed industry in china in 2019.
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recently, the 2019 “china feed technologies & economy summit” come to a successful conclusion in beijing. as a high standard annual conference in china’s animal husbandry and feed industry, this summit attracted over 1200 experts from governmental institution, university and enterprise to discuss the development opportunity for the industry.

hailed as “the oscars in animal husbandry and feed industry”, the 2019 awards ceremony of animal husbandry and feed industry unveiled the winners of top 10 innovative business model award, top 10 excellent corporate culture award, top 10 brand meat, egg and milk creation award.

among the winners, yangxiang won the award of top 10 innovative business models with its multi-floor pig farm, which means that the feasibility and reliability of the multi-floor pig farm is officially recognized after more than 3 years’ operation as “sustainable development” and “healthy breeding” become hot issue in animal husbandry and feed industry.

as the theme “embrace change, master new ideology, build terminal chain and survive together in the new rea” said, as an important part of china's animal husbandry industry, pig industry is responsible for people's meat supply. it is now at a key point of transformation and upgrading. the challenges are unprecedented, but the opportunities are also unprecedented.

what is the future of pig industry?

it is necessary for some producers to explore and innovate boldly.

in the 4th ppt conference ended last week, mr.shi, ceo of yangxiang co.,ltd, mentioned in his keynote speech “ the road that the pig industry must take in the future is the road of "industrial chain value enhancement", "you get what you pay for". in the current and future when consumers are more pursuing product quality, how to improve the quality of pig products will   become a new competitiveness”.

committed to the mission “healthy, safety, delicious, low-cost”, the multi-floor pig farm is yangxiang’s continuous pursuit of the goal of industrial chain value improvement. the overall survival rate of 92.1%, the cost of 5.27 yuan per half kilogram, the clean and odorless pen, the green and pollution-free breeding, and the closed-loop mode of "feed production, pig production, slaughtering, and food marketing" are all important reference in the rating of top 10 innovative business models.       

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