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digitalization and scenario! whole process traceability intelligent logistics solution launch of xiubo company!
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   on october 13, guangxi guigang xiubo gene technology co., ltd.(referred as xiubo)held the "whole process traceability intelligent logistics solution launch of xiubo company" in chongqing city, officially releasing intelligent logistics solution of xiubo semen.

   as a subsidiary of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.( referred as yangxiang), xiubo company is a technology-based enterprise integrating genetic improvement of breeding pigs, production and sales of high-quality semen, and is also a domestic enterprises that earlier supplies semen to society. xiubo has large-scale boar studs in south, north and central china, and 4 boar studs are currently in operation, with an annual production capacity of more than 10 million doses. xiubo is committed to supplying semen to society through "internet gene" model to let more farmers in china share the latest pig gene research results in a timely manner and improve pig’s breed in farm.

   at this launch, shi guangxiao, general manager of xiubo company, introduced xiubo's business performance since this year. he said that yangxiang, which has persisted in breeding work for more than 20 years, is one of the earliest domestic enterprises to promote the supply of semen from society. after year and year’s hard work, yangxiang’s gene research and service ability have been highly recognized.

   at present, the inventory of xiubo boar is 5000 pigs, with a production capacity of more than 10 million doses. the service scope has covered the whole country, covering more than 2 million sows. in addition, xiubo has realized its promise to customers - increase the conception rate by 5% and increase the litter size by 1-2 pigs through using xiubo semen.  

   qian tao, a logistics expert from yangxiang, gave a detailed introduction in his report on xiubo whole process traceability intelligent logistics solution.

   mr. qian tao said that semen was difficult to store, had high requirements for aging, storage and transportation temperature, bio-security, and is easy to be consumed, so logistics was the biggest obstacle to supply semen to society. however, socialized semen supply had great benefits to breeding, production, quality control and other aspects. to do a good job in socialized semen supply, it was necessary to expand the sales radius and break the geographical restrictions.

  xiubo has developed the whole process traceability intelligent solution, which makes the logistics structured, process oriented and internet-based. xiubo semen logistics is essentially the application of supply chain logistics digitization in the field of agriculture and animal husbandry logistics.

  xiubo intelligent logistics has two key words: scenario and digitalization.

  from boar stud, sorting workshop, transfer hub to terminal pig farm, each scenario is equipped with corresponding logistics system, including automatic transmission line in boar stud, transfer cold chain car from boar stud to sorting workshop, distribution line from sorting workshop to transfer hub, etc. the multi-level logistics distribution system finally creates an intelligent, efficient and stable logistics transportation system.

    "digitalization" is to use big data to realize "end-to-end visualization". customers can query logistics information at any time, and cooperate with upstream and downstream, so as to achieve cost optimization, whole process safety, precision and timeliness, and reshape the user experience.

  "digitalization" will provide more powerful support for the timeliness of logistics distribution and the guarantee of pig essence quality! " will provide more powerful support for the timeliness of logistics distribution and the quality of pig essence!

   in 2020, the annual sales volume of xiubo pig essence is expected to be nearly 10 million doses. many large companies  are using xiubo semen. from the sales situation in previous three quarters, the on-time delivery rate of xiubo semen is basically 100%, which is due to the support of strong logistics distribution system!

   in the future, with the support of the whole process traceability intelligent logistics solution, xiubo's logistics service capability will be further strengthened. "xiubo can deliver semen timely upon customers' need". not only can the semen be delivered, but it can also be delivered more efficiently, and the logistics and distribution process will be more open and transparent. customers can check the whole process from production, packaging to distribution, and the safety of using xiubo semen will be more guaranteed!

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