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super! intelligent logistics solution of xiubo company is released

established in 2015, xiubo genetics company is in charge of the boar stud of yangxiang in yaji mountain. guided by the principle of “technologies change swine industry”, xiubo already makes its business of “internet genetics” thriving.

facilitated by internet, xiubo uses semen as the carrier of the excellent gene of the boar stud and extends its business from yaji mountain to nationwide. as the connector between the semen production center and sows farms, xibo logistics center is providing increasingly improved services.

“the mobility of duro semen in 14 days is above 75%”

“our semen is transported by airplane”

“packs of ice will be used in the transportation of semen in hot weather, it is serviced by heart”

customers have felt the high requirements and high quality of xiubo logistics service in all aspects. thanks to the combination of various delivery methods, including cold chain special vehicles, high-speed rails, airplanes, and buses, products are delivered within 72 hours nationwide, logistics information can be inquired, safety is more guaranteed, which provides a solid guarantee for “timely delivery“ of xiubo semen.

as an early domestic enterprise that explores and promotes the supply of semen to society, yangxiang xiubo has made many achievements in exploring "internet gene". it has developed a genome matching algorithm, established an automated semen sorting platform, and created an online shopping mall “yangxiang ”, which makes it easier for customers to place orders. the application of internet technologies such as big data, cloud computing, and blockchain, also supports xiubo to create a more intelligent, efficient and convenient logistics service!

how can xibo logistics center realize the traceability in the whole process of semen transportation?

is it really possible that the logistics process can be transparent and visible?

what better logistics service guarantee can users get?

is it possible that the semen can be transported safely to the farms far away from the boar stud?


all the answers can be found at the release conference!

october 13, 2020  14:00—17:30

sanmenxia hall, weijing hotel in chongqing

release conference of intelligent logistics solution for whole process traceability of xiubo company  

we welcome you to the conference to explore the technological secrets behind xiubo’s slogan of “semen can be serviced at anytime and anywhere you need”


“is the purchase process complicated and is it possible to deliver to my farm as my farm is 1000km away from the boar stud?”

“how can i know whether my order is processed and when will it be dispatched?”


if you have the same questions,the conference is right for you!

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we will see you in chongqing

october 13, 2020  14:00—17:30

sanmenxia hall, weijing hotel in chongqing

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