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with support of technology and intelligent breeding system, yangxiang becomes more outstanding in pig breeding.

recently, yangxiang displayed its latest achievements in pig breeding.

liu xiangdong, vice ceo of yangxiang’s pig production segment and associate professor from huazhong agriculture university, made a presentation at the conference of pig industry. in his presentation “technologies change swine industry—the construction of yangxiang’s intelligent breeding system”, he introduced how yangxiang used the internet technologies to achieve intelligent and efficient breeding.

 intelligent breeding system

over the years of pig breeding, yangxiang has solved the problems of short sow longevity and high cost, and developed an online platform for semen marketing, which proves its comprehensive management ability.

(yangxiang multi-floor intelligent breeding farm)

applied with internal breeding system and closed-herd breeding technology, the multi-floor intelligent breeding farm can reduce the risk of introducing pigs and secure the biosecurity of the farm and the health of the pig herd.

characteristics of the breeding system:

1. all semen are from the boar stud

2. breeding gilts inside the sow farm, without gilts introduction

3. different breed has different selection and mating strategy

characteristics of the breeding pigs:

1. high reproductive rate

2. high safety

(二) intelligent production management system

in addition, yang xiang also pioneered an intelligent "multi-floor" pig raising model, which has the advantages of high biosecurity guarantee,  land resource saving, high intelligent pig production, high efficiency and safe operation, and high standards of environmental protection, which provides better environment for breeding research.

through intelligent platform and equipment, connect people, pigs, materials and farms together to collect data and realize intelligent management and increase efficiency and reduce cost.

at this moment, yangxiang applies the internet technologies to all its farms, which provides a solid foundation to intelligent breeding.

(intelligent feeder)

with the support of internet technology, yangxiang's breeding business has entered a new stage, and the breeding ability has been continuously improved. combine its own "structured" anti-asf capabilities with breeding capabilities, continue to cultivate high-quality and healthy breeding pigs, and serve farmers to repopulate safely and efficiently. 

in the future, yangxiang will transit from focusing on efficiency to focusing on quality. breeding work will also try to meet the development requirements of the higher-quality pig industry. based on a clean and intelligent multi-floor pig model, through genetic breeding, precision nutrition, artificial intelligence and other technologies, cultivate high-quality breeding pigs with good meat quality, and ultimately provide the market with healthy, safe and delicious pork products.

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