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yangxiang feed mill in anhui start business, with service ability for over 20,000 sows

yangxiang feed mill opened up in yeji district, liuan city, anhui province on 28
th, september.

this feed mill is expected to produce 120,000 tons of feed each year, sufficient for internal demand and more than 20000 sows from the customers.

with the business principle of “agriculture as the foundation, pigs as the business, make farmers rich by raising pigs”, yangxiang feed mill in anhui will provide precise nutrition solutions for our customers to reduce their production cost and improve the production performance, and continue to conduct technology service based on the research system and platform of pig precise nutrition.

challenged by the generalization of asf, guided by the “structural” asf prevention system invented by yangxiang group feed mill, yangxiang feed mill in anhui applies strict measures in its raw materials, production process, and transportation, strictly control the flow of people, materials and vehicles. it manages to guarantee the safety of the feed product by preventing disease from the source, disinfection, heating and physical isolation.

(customers visit the first cleaning and disinfection center of the feed mill

yangxiang feed mill in anhui is equipped with high temperature processing equipment, and a new stuffing process is added. the ingredients will be heated at a high temperature of 85℃ for more than 10 minutes. the food-grade high temperature processing and long-term sterilization and disinfection ensure that every particle can be completely safe!

in addition, the feed mill organized a professional asf prevention team with designated personnel, and all-direction surveillance cameras were installed inside the feed mill area. thorough inspection rules were also made to ensure all prevention measures were well implemented and the safety of the feed factory.

yangxiang feed mill will focus on the research, development and production of high-end pig feed. the products adopt scientific formulas and serve the customers pig farms with excellent product and thoughtful breeding technology.


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