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yangxiang organized condolence activity to impoverished families in mid-autumn festival

in order to ensure poor families to have a happy mid-autumn festival, yangxiang recently organized a condolence group to visit the poor families in the surrounding villages and districts of guigang city, guangxi, to extend sincere greetings and holiday blessings to everyone.

every time the condolences group visited a household, they communicated face-to-face with poor households to understand their actual difficulties and encouraged them to maintain an optimistic attitude towards life. the condolences group sented a total of 39 poor households with moon cakes, cooking oil and cash, and wish them a warm and peaceful mid-autumn festival.


the poor households expressed their gratitude to yangxiang for their care and love over the years, allowing them to feel the care and support of the society and be more confident in the future. with the help of the party, the government, and caring companies like yang xiang, people can get help when they need. this is the "best gift" of the mid-autumn festival.

"exist in society, give back to society." since its establishment, yangxiang have continued to contribute to the society through various channels and various forms. from "yangxiang donating love to millions of students to help the poor", "yangxiang helping the disabled" to "yangxiang's '10 million' precision poverty alleviation community model", yangxiang has always been "grateful." the concept of "return" runs through all stages of the company's development, and strives to make due contributions to social development.


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