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yangxiang was rated as “guangxi outstanding enterprise in 2020”

recently, guangxi enterprise and entrepreneurs association released the "2018-2019 guangxi outstanding entrepreneurs list", "2020 guangxi top 100 enterprises list", "2020 guangxi top 50 manufacturing enterprises list" and "2020 guangxi service industry enterprises 50 strong list".

(photo of the awards ceremony

yangxiang snatched three awards

"guangxi outstanding enterprise"

"the 53rd among the top 100 guangxi enterprises in 2020"

"the 27th among the top 50 guangxi manufacturing enterprises in 2020"

meanwhile, mo jinzhi, president of yangxiang group, was ranked as “guangxi outstanding entrepreneurs"

(president mo jinzhi attended the ceremony)

(mo jinzhi received the award on the stage to, second from right)

it is understood that this selection is based on international and domestic common practices, with operating income in 2019 as the shortlisting criteria, and the final list of shortlisted companies has been approved by the expert committee.

according to the "2020 guangxi top 100 enterprises development report", the r&d intensity of this year's top 100 companies has increased compared with last year. in the past six years, the number of patents and invention patents owned by the top 100 companies in guangxi has grown strikingly, and there are more large companies attaching importance to innovation and r&d to build their own core competitiveness.

yangxiang have grown on the ground of guangxi. for many years, it has been oriented to scientific and technological innovation and continuously incrase its scientific pig raising ability. in just over 10 years, it has completed the stage from tradition to internet. it has developed into an industrial internet technology-based agricultural and animal husbandry enterprise integrating feed production, pig raising, slaughtering and food marketing.

in the past three years, the company has obtained more than 50 patents of various types and more than 140 scientific and technological innovation achievements, covering genetic breeding, nutrition research, intelligent pig raising system and equipment research and development, and continuously share its own scientific research and application results, to promote the transformation and upgrading of china’s pig industry and achieve high-quality development.

 (yangxiang intelligent multi-floor pig farm

 (yangxiang intelligent multi-floor boar stud

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