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yangxiang tai’an feed production base in shandong runs into operation!

shandong yangxiang biotechnology co., ltd.(referred as “shandong yangxiang”), a subsidiary of guangxi yangxiang co., ltd.( referred as “yangxiang”), is about to establish its second anniversary.

since its establishment in october 2018, shandong yangxiang has been actively practicing yangxiang's core values, continuously exporting parent company’s scientific pig rearing ability and "structured" asf control ability. facing the challenge of asf popularity, shandong yangxiang has no reservation to share its successful experience and practices, serve nearly 30 large-scale sow farms for "iron barrel" farm transformation, build a "copper wall" for more than 20000 sows against asf prevention, and contribute to resuming normal pig production capacity in shandong province.

at the special time of "the second anniversary", shandong yangxiang also ushers in a happy event. the feed production base will be transferred from hebei province to tai'an city, shandong province, which will further improve the service quality on the original basis, from feed production technology to asf control measures to after-sales service, and strive to bring more convenient and assured service experience to customers!

since may 2020, the new base has undertaken the heavy task of producing feed for more than 20,000 sows in shandong province. no matter in terms of raw material selection, formula design, processing technology or asf control, the new base has carried out in accordance with the yangxiang's high requirements and standards.

the new base equipped with strict asf control system, high standard quality control system, precise nutrition system and efficient delivery service of yangxiang feed factory, which can provide guarantee for increasing production, efficiency and income of pig farms.

in the future, shandong yangxiang will not only continue to provide good products for customers, but also share yangxiang's "structured" asf control ability to more farms in shandong area through the pig production service center, so as to jointly build a regional biosecurity system and create a win-win situation.

(liaocheng service center of shandong yangxiang)

at present, shandong yangxiang has set up two service centers in liaocheng city and lubei area (north of shandong province). in the future, it plans to expand the layout and implement more construction in other areas, including ludong area and luxi area (east and west of shandong province). if all of them are put into operation, it is expected to serve 50,000 sows. through the platform empowerment, more pig farmers can share yangxiang's latest scientific pig rearing concept and achievements.


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