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yangxiang’s intelligent multi-floor pig farm was rated as model in digital and intelligent transfor
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recently, guifei pig farm of yangxiang company (intelligent multi-floor pig farm) was rated as model in digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry, providing reference for transformation to digital and intelligent farm and high quality development of pig industry.  

the 2020 summit on digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry was unveiled on september 5th in changsha, hunan province where at the same time 2020 china animal husbandry expo was launched. the meeting, with the theme “opportunities and challenges in digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry in post-asf period”, focused on the hot issues and difficulties that animal and husbandry faces today and explored the integration of intelligent and digital technologies into the processes of animal production to lead the way in chinese digital and intelligent transformation in animal and husbandry.  

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with the system of clustered intelligent multi-floor building, guifei pig farm has been running steadily and efficiently for more than three years since 2017 and has achieved remarkable results that include psy 28.8, survival rate with 92.1% in overall production process, 5.27rmb per half-kilo in comprehensive cost of hog.( the above data are all average data).

amid the harsh attack by asf in 2019, guifei pig farm succeed in protecting all its 30,000 sows, which proves its feasibility and reliability and makes it become a primal model in pig raising in urban area recommended by ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.   

industrial internet represents the trend in internet development.

modern animal and husbandry is moving toward to informationization, automation and intelligence.

in the context of the generalization of african swine fever, after achieving the goal of " raise pigs with competitiveness" through structural prevention and control, yangxiang is still vigorously applying scientific and intelligent means to open up the pig industry chain, dig deeper into the industry value, and achieve greater breakthroughs in pork quality, to provide society with higher quality pork ingredients.

as an internet service provider in pig industry, yangxiang is taking full efforts to realize the integration of feed production, pig production, slaughtering and food marketing with intelligent multi-floor pig farm at its core, and to realize the traceability management of the whole process from the breeding end to the slaughter by artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, blockchain and other technical means. 

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