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seminar on breeding technique co-conducted by science2market and yangxiang was successfully launched.
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seminar on breeding technique co-conducted by science2market and yangxiang was successfully launched in late of march. experts from america, australia and britain were invited to the seminar.  

in the seminar, attendants made a profound discussion on the best breeding plan, aiming to optimize yangxiang existed breeding program, improve yangxiang’s ability in pig breeding, accelerating breeding progress and reducing the limit of pig performance improvement.

over the years, yangxiang has been focusing on developing two capabilities, one is the ability in selection for the nucleus group, and the other is the ability in precise selection and mating for the commercial group.

selection for the nucleus group means to select the best gilt from the gilt group and improve the gene of the breeding group gradually.

precise selection and mating means to select the best boars from the boar stud to mate with parent sows in the customer farms to produce the best piglets and maximize the potential of improved gene.

although pork is a necessity in meat consumption in china, china’s ability in pig raising still fall behind many leading countries as affected by subjective and objective factors, among which the breeding ability is the most important factors.

as sailing against the current, breeding course is challenging and requires resilience.

yangxiang believes breeding work will bring value and it is the key to flourish the pig industry. breeding work will serve as one of the nucleus work in yangxiang at any condition and at any time.  

at the same time, yang xiang also believes that with the domestic change from "pig raising with experience" to" pig raising with science", the breeding work will definitely receive more attention, and china's pig raising capacity will definitely increase!

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