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yangxiang got approval in provincial assessment in asf free
author:guangxi yangxiang co

in june of this year, the ministry of agriculture and rural affairs issued a notice to instruct all localities to speed up the construction of african swine fever free area(hereinafter referred to as asf free area), and encourage places with conditions to build asf free areas.

according to its actual situation, guangxi yangxiang com., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as yangxiang) applied for the assessment of asf free area. from september 24th to 25th, the department of agriculture and rural affairs of the guangxi zhuang autonomous region organized five experts to form an assessment team to conduct the assessment on yangxiang company’s asf free area.

through on-site inspection, checking farming records, reports hearing from yangxiang company and regulatory agencies, meeting discussions, questions and answers, the assessment team highly praised and fully affirmed the construction of yangxiang asf free area, and put forward guiding opinions on the next step of the construction of asf free area.

due to strict epidemic prevention requirements, the assessment team had not been able to enter the pig farm for the time being. in order to understand the situation of yangxiang’s internal pig farm more intuitively, a video connection was made on the spot. the farm manager introduced the harmless treatment equipment of the pig farm, cleaning and disinfection devices and farrowing room in detail. as for the various opinions put forward by the assessment team, experts from yangxiang also gave professional answers one by one.

subsequently, the assessment team checked the farming records of yangxiang company, and inspected the laboratory, cleaning and disinfection center, etc., and conducted a systematic and comprehensive assessment of the regulatory veterinary institutions in the relevant districts.

after a comprehensive investigation and understanding, director huang xia (director of animal health supervision institute of guangxi zhuang autonomous region) issued an assessment  opinion on behalf of the assessment team: about yangxiang’s application on asf free area, the on-site recommendation result of the assessment team from guangxi zhuang autonomous region was pass!

in addition, director huang xia also put forward targeted guidance on the next step of the construction of yangxiang asf free area, and placed high hopes on yangxiang passing the final assessment by the state ministry of agriculture and rural affairs.

deputy director liu junhui also fully affirmed yangxiang’s work in preventing and controlling african swine fever. he said that the infrastructure of yangxiang asf free area is very advanced, which created a precedent for ecological health and scientific pig raising. and yangxiang is the first domestic enterprise to carry out large-scale intelligent multi-floor pig farming.

in the process of multi-floor pig farming, bio-security is the most difficult to achieve, but yangxiang’s design concepts and technologies are very advanced, and bio-security management is very complete. such hardware conditions and management conditions make it possible to create an asf free area.

in the construction of the "iron barrel" pig farm, the risk assessment technology was fully utilized to solve the practical difficulties encountered by the multi-floor pig farm, and very effective bio-security measures were adopted, with full coverage and comprehensive implementation, and the system construction was very complete and sound. during the monitoring, the expected method was adopted to design the detection plan, which is also seen in very few domestic pig farms, indicating that the entire veterinary team has introduced advanced asf control concepts.

the approval will lay a solid foundation for yangxiang in the national evaluation in asf free.

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